Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai Overview

Arabian Ranches Golf Club was established in February 2004, and since then it is providing excellent and superb services to the people of Dubai. Designed by Ian Baker-Finch, this golf club offers a true 18 holes, par 72 desert-style grass course and a perfect environment to relax and indulge. There is a luxurious Spanish Colonial Clubhouse is located within the premises of Arabian Ranches Golf Club. At this clubhouse, entertainment been provided, with exceptional services and a bar with a striking location. Moreover, they provide awesome services to all their visitors to make them feel special and obliged. In order to entertain the visitors, they also organize various tournaments and events while providing perfect platform to the players. Read this simple yet detailed article, and get more information about the Arabian Ranches Golf Club in Dubai.

Contact: +971 4 366 3000
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    Products & Services

    Arabian Ranches Golf Club entertains its visitor with a variety of services.

    - Spanish Colonial Clubhouse is located inside the club which offers the latest Golf  Apparel and hardware, a huge sitting area, Baker-Finch room, and much more.

    - Other facilities include bar/lounge complimented by a high speed internet  access.

    - Various tournaments and events are organized to create a competitive  environment among the players.

    - Membership handicaps are also offered at the club.

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    Operational hours of Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai

    Arabian Ranches Golf Club remains open seven days a week. It opens early in the morning and closes its operations at 8:30pm.

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    Location of Arabian Ranches Golf Club

    Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Arabian Ranches, Emirates Road, United Arab Emirates

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    How to get to Arabian Ranches Golf Club

    In order to reach Arabian Ranches Golf Club, head towards Emirates road near Jumeirah English Speaking school and you will easily find your destination.

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