Jumeirah Beach Park Dubai Overview

The Jumeirah beach park is a beautiful place right along the coastal beach front of the jumeirah beach in Dubai. This is by far one of the most popular beach parks in the entire emirate of Dubai, and is flooded with locals and tourists for all kinds of activities ranging from swimming, sunbathing, long walks, and countless activities and entertainment for children.

Let’s just warn you right now that this park can get very crowded during the weekends with expats and locals gathering in massive groups. This park was first opened in 1989 and the full area of the park measures roughly around 12 hectares of land. It is right along the Persian Gulf and has white sand and crystal clear blue water; with a jetty area on the beach patrolled by life guards and also overlooks the Arabian Gulf.

This is a huge draw for children of all ages and kids can be found all over the park playing for hours at a time. It has everything a world class park comes with, including barbecue pits, food stalls, volleyball areas, and water sports. Since there are so many kids playing in the park the security and safety concerns were fully addressed with almost 5 watch towers that are patrolled by certified expert life guards on duty and many first aid centers and emergency crews with rescue boats, lifebuoys, disaster management, and artificial respiratory systems. Just in case all that doesn’t cover your fears and concerns they even have a helipad which can instantly take kids to emergency hospitals should anything ever go wrong.


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    Jumeirah Beach Park in Dubai Location

    Jumeirah beach park is strategically located right next to the Hilton club on the jumeirah beach road. Getting to the jumeirah beach park is very easy and we will give you some quick tips to arrive there using the metro, taxi or the bus.

    By taxi simply tell the taxi driver to take you to jumeirah Beach Park from any residential area or hotel in Dubai. The fair will be roughly 30-43 AED from almost all access points in the city and is by far the most convenient way to arrive directly on the front entrance of the jumeirah beach park.

    Getting to Jumeirah Beach Park in Dubai By metro.  You will need to get off at the Dubai Marina Mall Station, because the Jumeirah Beach Park does not have a metro station. It is a quick 30 minute walk to the park or you can simply flag down a taxi which will cost you 10 AED directly to the park entrance.

    By bus we recommend you use the city bus planning guide and it will tell you how long it takes where to take the bus from and all other information you might want to know.  You can search bus routes by clicking here.

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    Jumeirah Beach Park

    The moment you enter the park you are overwhelmed with beauty and scenery that takes your breath away from beautiful flower beds, green lawns, and many palm trees. There is also a special rocky garden that is home to rocks of all shapes, sizes and colors. It has many desert bushes and the entire place is illuminated with lights to add more color and beauty. There are many wooden bridges connecting the different parts of the park to the shore. It has its own cafeteria with beautiful views of the sea and shore. We mentioned it has everything for kids in a recreational area equipped with games, theatre area, slides, sww saw, and a number of other games and entertainment.

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    Some beautiful pictures of the botanical gardens in the jumeirah beach park.
    For further details, click here.

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