Da Shi Dai Restaurant Dubai Overview

Da Shi Dai Restaurant is a venue of delicious Chinese affair, where master chefs cast their spell of taste by producing high quality and mouth-watering food made from fresh ingredients. Since the food served at Da Shi Dai Restaurant is interactive and casual therefore, they call it the “lighter side of the Chinese dinning”. The menu of this bistro boasts all kinds of dishes as you will find variety of seafood, meat and vegetables. Though the portions of the food dished up in this eatery are not too big in size, but they are enough to take you far away from this desert city with their exciting flavours.

Contact: +971 4 426 4636

Visit: Da Shi Dai Restaurant Website


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    Products and Services of Da Shi Dai Restaurant:

    The services and products which people can take pleasure in at the Da Shi Dai Restaurant are as:

    - Da Shi Dai Restaurant serves lunch and dinner during its operational hours to the people of Dubai.

    - This eatery also offers brunch to its guests.

    - The menu of Da Shi Dai Restaurant boasts traditional Chinese affair that is quite famous among the people of Dubai.

    - They offer special deal during the holy month of  Ramzan in Dubai.

    To view the full menu of the Da Shi Dai Restaurant, click here.

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    Operational hours of Da Shi Dai Restaurant:

    Da Shi Dai Restaurant opens on all seven days of the week. The timings are from 12 noon till 12 midnight. During these hours Da Shi Dai Restaurant serves brunch, lunch and dinner to its guests.

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    Location of Da Shi Dai Restaurant:

    Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Da Shi Dai Restaurant:

    By Metro

    Da Shi Dai Restaurant is located beyond 2.5 kilometres radius from the nearest metro station.

    By Bus

    Bus users should use any of these bus numbers 8 and F37 to reach the nearest stop of the Da Shi Dai Restaurant, which is called Ritz-Carlton Hotel 2 - Dubai. This bus stop is just 130 metre away from the bistro and on foot a person can bridge this gap in roughly 2 minutes. If he or she heads in the northeast direction on Jumeirah Beach Road, then make slight right turn to locate the destination on the left. Directions from Ritz-Carlton Hotel 2 – Dubai to Da Shi Dai Restaurant.

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