List of CCTV Installation Services in Dubai

In today’s age when terrorist activities and security issues are at their peak, it is understandable one should take as many precautions to stay safe as possible. Collective efforts have to be made on individual as well as societal and governmental basis. As awareness to keep ourselves safe is increasing, so is the demand for such products. CCTV products come with ample use when it comes to safekeeping an environment because of the deterring factor that they prove themselves as. This article will list down companies that provide CCTV Installation services in Dubai, that one can take advantage of as a homeowner, government department or a private organization.


  • 1

    CityTec LLC takes pride in calling itself a, ‘foremost security company in the Middle East.’ It has 4 branches covering 4 different cities and a head office based in Dubai.

  • 2

    MAXCOM TECHNOLOGIES LLC provides installation services of products like Analog and IP CCTV, NVR, DVR, Access Control, Biometrics, Intrusion Alarm, Remote Monitoring.

  • 3

    SecureIT has been providing CCTV products and their installation for over a decade now, working as a one stop shop for many CCTV products.

  • 4

    Dataone Computers LLC hosts not only CCTV systems and their installation services but is also working in IT systems and the communication industry.

  • 5

    Dedicated Micros is a US based company that provides CCTV products and installation services in Dubai with a range of other product

  • 6

    Supreme Electronics provides repairing and installation of all sorts of Electronic equipments, including but not limited to; CCTV intercoms, cameras and other products.

  • 7

    ZAHRA TECHNOLOGY LLC is another company that deals in CCTV systems and their installation along with Intercom system, intruder alarm system etc.

  • 8

    Senator Security Systems has Analog and IP systems on the list of CCTV products it offers along with their installation.

  • 9

    LiveVision Security Systems Ltd is based in Canada but promises to provide to quality CCTV products and their installation in Dubai as well.

  • 10

    Smart Solutions promises to establish excellent client relationship with the superior products and services they offer.

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