Flower Delivery Services in Dubai (Valentine’s Day Special)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on 14th February and is a time when you show your loved ones how much they mean to you. While the day is for anyone who loves another person (including family and friends) it is quite popular with romantically involved couples, who exchange gifts, chocolates and flowers.

If you’re in Dubai and want to know about reliable flower delivery services in the city, this guide is all you need. Just take your pick from the following list and order a fresh bouquet this Valentine’s Day.


  • 1

    Flowers Dubai

    An online store that has a wide variety of red roses in different settings and bouquets, Flowers Dubai offers a special Valentine’s range and you can pre-book your order now!

    Telephone Number: +961 7 064 0060
    Visit Flowers Dubai’s website here.

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    Dubai Flower Delivery

    They have special packages planned out with not only flowers but gifts and chocolates included in them. So if you’re planning to scent up your beloved’s life with flowers, you can also choose to sweeten that touch with chocolates by heading on to their website and ordering one of their deals.

    Telephone Number: +971 5 042 36374
    Visit Dubai Flower Delivery’s website here.

  • 3

    Emirates Flowers

    They offer fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep. You can choose from bouquets that are named, “Beloved,” “My Love” and “I love you” among other arrangements. Moreover, they also offer a selection of cakes, perfumes, chocolates and gifts you can choose and send along with the flowers.

    Telephone Number: +971503843228
    Visit Emirates Flower’s Website here.

  • 4


    Exotica has a huge variety of flowers for nearly every occasion, including Valentine's Day. They have tons of different arrangements on offer and also give you the option to send chocolates and sweets to your loved ones.

    Telephone number: +971 2 644 4416
    Visit Exotica’s website here.

  • 5

    Sentiments Flowers

    Sentiments ranks among Dubai’s premium florists because of the diversity they offer in their flower bouquets. Take a quick look at their website if you don't believe them. They even offer edible bouquets, made using fruits and sweets. You can simply choose one you like and pay online to have your choice delivered to your loved ones.

    Telephone Number: +971 4 343 2212
    Visit Sentiments Flower’s website here.

  • 6

    Flowers Dubai

    Flowers Dubai has many amazing arrangements especially made for Valentine's Day, including Beating Roses, Dancing Pink and Parrot of Love. While the prices may appear a little too high for some people, their quality is amazing and they also have cakes you can send with flowers.

    Telephone Number: +9714 221 8475
    Visit Flowers Dubai’s website here.

  • 7

    Upscale & Posh

    Delivering fresh flowers across Dubai since the past 12 years, Upscale & Posh have a good variety and fairly reasonable prices. If you skim through their special “Valentine’s Day” category you'll find several special bouquets designed for the occasion.

    Telephone Number: +971 4 456 4141
    Visit Upscale & Posh’s website here.

  • 8


    Delivering flowers in Dubai since 2000, Flora2000 have a lot of great arrangements for Valentine's Day, including Cuddly Affair and Hugs & Kisses. They also have edible bouquets made using sweets and chocolates. If you want to send flowers internationally, they also have an international delivery service you might want to check out.

    Visit Flora2000’s website here.

  • 9

    Flower Shop

    With great taglines like ‘Happiness Delivered’ and 'Delivering Love', Flower Shop has am amazing variety and also lets you choose flowers and bouquets according to your budget and price range.

    There are plenty of different arrangements for a host of occasions and you can also choose specific colors if you want.

    Telephone Number: +971 4 319 7854
    Visit Flower Shop’s website here.

  • 10

    Flowers Dubai 

    They offer a Money Back Guarantee on orders that are not delivered on time and in pristine condition. Moreover, you can easily browse their offerings by item type or occasion, before choosing the flowers you want to send.

    Telephone Number: +971 50 4236374
    Visit Flowers Dubai’s website here.

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