Best Art Galleries in Dubai

Dubai has seen an increase in art activities and many artists from there have now gained international repute. The art scene there isn’t just restricted to the locals since many Middle Eastern artists have also found a niche for themselves in the Art Galleries of Dubai.

This has turned the city into more than just a place known for shopping and beaches. Today there are several art galleries that have been set up to showcase the brilliant art pieces, and you can find some of the best works in cafes, shops and various outlets.


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    The Third Line

    Aiming to promote contemporary art from the Middle East, the Third Line showcases local as well as international and regional artists. There are different exhibitions hosted each month, giving art lovers a good deal of variety on display.

    The Third Line
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    Majlis Gallery

    Majlis Gallery is one of the earliest galleries in Dubai and is founded and owned by an expatriate who started fancying Dubai’s culture and locals. It frequently hosts different exhibitions with local as well as international works on display, and enjoys a good reputation.

    Majlis Gallery
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    Although B21 is located in a warehouse, that still makes no difference when it comes to the art gallery putting up art works of some of the great painters. It presents a fusion of contemporary and modern art that many fall in love with.

    B21 Gallery
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    The Green Art Gallery

    After being established almost a decade ago, the Green Art Gallery has also become one of the oldest art galleries in the city. Showcasing the talented artists from the Middle East and North American regions, it is introducing art to the residents of Dubai in a grand fashion.

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    Five Green

    Five Green is not just an art gallery. It is one of Dubai's top fashion stores as well. It offers an ambiance that is inspired by a museum. Visitors find art, shopping and music – all under one roof.

    Five Green Gallery Dubai
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    The Mojo Gallery

    With a promise to ‘go beyond traditional art forms and genres’, the gallery doesn't just display paintings but also exhibits photography, mixed media prints and sculptures. This diversity in the choice of display is also reflected in the frequent and distinctive exhibitions the place holds.

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    Gallery76 can be found in Dubai International Art Centre. It has pledged to promote and display contemporary art work by international and national painters. Not only are works of art exhibited in the gallery but art classes to children, families and students are also given.

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    A Passion for Art

    This is the brainchild of , who lets her inner artist out here through greeting cards, fabric painting, murals and graphics. It has something for everyone and promises to satiate most of art lovers who are looking for master pieces.

    passion for art
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    ArtSpace Dubai

    ArtSpace has two branches; one of them is in London and the other is on Shiekh Zayed Road, Dubai. It frequently holds exhibitions that show the works of different artists, helping the residents of Dubai appreciate the finer things in life.

    Artspace Dubai
  • 10

    Meem Gallery

    It has only been 5 years since the Meem Gallery was launched, but it has ended up carving its reputation already. According to Meem’s mission statement, it is dedicated to promote Arabic and Middle Eastern artists who inspire, interact and engage people through their paintings.

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