List of Daily Deal Websites in Dubai

With the introduction of daily deal websites, the world has witnessed a new trend of buying their favourite things at discounted rates. This idea of daily deal websites became famous when surfaced back in 2008 and since then, several such websites have popped up. Later, this idea floated in other parts of the world, which include Dubai as well, and it became hit in this state too. Today you will find numerous daily deal websites in Dubai that include some international names as well such as Groupon. The method to buy a deal is quite simple on these daily deal websites, as the buyer just has to click on the deal and use their debit or credit to avail the product at a discounted price. Some of these daily deal websites have also introduced scratch cards for the convenience of their customers, who do not possess debit or credit cards. So don’t think too hard and start browsing these daily deal websites today in order to find your favourite deal.


  • 1

    Living Social is a daily deal website on which you will find different deals at great discounts. These deals could be anything from fast food to clothing, salons to different treatments by professional doctors.

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    Deal has divided their deals into three sections. The first section is just like any other daily deal website, as it offers daily deals. Second section comprises of gadgets that can be bought at discounted prices. The third section is called Bazaar and it includes different items like perfumes, make up and etc.

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    Deals N Meals offers amazing deals on dance parties, events, PC games, hotels, restaurants, spas, health clubs, and more. So find your desired deal today through this website.

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    Groupon is a well established and reliable name in the industry of daily deal websites not just in Dubai, but all across the world. It was Groupon that set this daily deal trend.

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    Dealaboo! also has three sections which include Product Deal, Local Deals and Travel Deals. People can find their desired deal in one of these three sections.

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    Dubai Savers, on the other hand, has a huge number of categories in which they are providing different discounted deals. Some highlights of this list include electronic, food and home items.

  • 7

    City Loots is another established name in the long list of daily deal websites in Dubai. You will find daily deals on this website under the Today's Loots link.

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    Nail the Deal is no different than the rest of the daily deal websites in Dubai. On this website, you will find big discounts just like in the others.

  • 9

    Scoupon also offers its customers some of the packages and items at great discounts. The major aim of this company is to provide a platform to active people so they can do fun things at cheaper rates.

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    Nab it 2 Day is offering discounted deals in UAE including Dubai via email. Folks in Dubai can get disounts on bistros, hotels, theatres, spas, massages, and much more fun things.

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