Tehran By Night at St. George Hotel Dubai Overview

Magnificent views and splendid location near Dubai Creek does not only make St. George Hotel in Deira, Dubai an eye catching spot, as its numerous provisions besides accommodation makes it a special place to be. One of these noticeable facilities is highly rated nightclub called Tehran by Night that is a mix of restaurant and a nightspot. This first-rate exclusive discotheque can be found on the 10th floor of the St. George Hotel. The atmosphere and decor of this nightclub are lively and tasteful in which traditional Persian food is served to the guests, who keep praising the appetizing and succulent food of this venue. Moreover, Tehran by Night has various bus stops and a metro station in its close proximity which makes this establishment easily accessible.

Contact: +971 4 225 1122


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    Products and Services of Tehran by Night:

    At Tehran by Night guests are not only amused by local entertainers, but they will also get to relish authentic Persian fare that is extremely luscious and superb in quality as well. Due to these two attributes, Tehran by Night is strongly considered as terrific blend of both restaurant and nightclub.

    Both Persian food and local entertainers of this discotheque will remind the guests about the untroubled days of the Persian Empire.

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    Operational Hours of Tehran by Night:

    The regular operational hours of Tehran by Night are from 10:30 pm to 3:00 am, and this venue follows these timings on all seven days of the week.

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    Location of Tehran by Night:

    St George Hotel, Al Ras Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Tehran by Night:

    By Metro

    Ras Metro Station 2 is 4 minutes walk and 300 meters away from Tehran by Night at St George Hotel in Deira, Dubai. After arriving at this metro station, patrons need to follow these directions:

    Head southwest on Al Khor Street, then make a slight left turn while staying on Al Khor Street, before making a left turn towards Al Ahmadiya Street that will bring the patron to another turn that goes on the right side onto Al Ahmadiya Street from where destination can be located on the left side after covering some distance.

    By Bus

    Al Ras Metro Station 1 - Dubai is 240 meters away from Tehran by Night and on foot a bus user can bridge this gap in about 3 minutes, if he or she follows these directions:

    Head south on Al Khor Street, then make a slight turn to the left to stay on Al Khor Street and then turn left towards Al Ahmadiya Street. After that turn right onto Al Ahmadiya Street where this nightclub can be found on the left side after covering few meters distance. Bus numbers 31, 53, C7, C9 and C28 serve this bus stop.  Check map for directions.

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