Report a Traffic Accident in Dubai

Dubai swelled from a city of a few hundred thousand people to a city of a few million people virtually overnight, and even though the city has launched a metro rail project, the majority of people still drive cars. The weekend in Dubai begins on Thursday evening, and all the locals take to the streets to shop, eat, and enjoy the entertainment.

During peak traffic times it’s almost gridlock, and with a very large expatriate population you can imagine this city gets it fair share of accidents. It is very likely that while you are driving a car in Dubai you might experience a car accident. This guide is going to tell you exactly what to do if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.


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    If you do get into a traffic accident and you or the other driver is not injured, and the cars are not damaged too much either, then you need to pull your cars over to the shoulder of the roadside in order to avoid causing a traffic jam for other vehicles.

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    This step is very important because car companies cannot accept any orders to pick up and tow cars without a police report. You’re going to have to call the police (999) from any mobile phone (Etisalat or Du). If for any reason the other driver does a hit-and-run then immediately call the police by dialing 999 and drive to your nearest police station to file a report.

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    If you are not at fault for the accident then you will issued a green form which you can take to your insurance provider to file a claim. If you are partly at fault you will be issued a pink from which highlights that you are partly at fault.

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    If your car is damaged while parked in a parking garage or parking lot, call the police if the damage is bad or drive to the nearest police station and file a report. Even if the car has scratches or minor damage its best to file a report. They will issue you a certificate called a damage report. The cost of the certificate is 50 AED which you can then give to your insurer and file a claim.

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    In case you do get into an accident you’re going to need all your documentation so it’s best to make sure you always have all the required documentation and identification with you.

    a) At all times while driving in Dubai you need to carry a valid driver’s license and a vehicle registration card.

    b) To report any accidents call the Dubai police operations by dialing 999 from your mobile phone.

    c) The police will evaluate the damage, document the accident with full details and give each respective party a copy of the accident report.

    d) Remember pink forms mean you are at fault, and green forms mean you are the victim and not at fault.

    e) To get the damaged vehicles repaired you will need an accident report which you have to submit to your insurance provider to claim the damage. If for any reason your car is not even in a drive-able state and the damage is major you will need to get it towed to a place that will fix it.

    Here is the information for 3 towing companies in Dubai;

    1. AAA Service Center

    phone number  = 04 285 8989

    For more information visit website.

    2. Al Mirath Auto Towing

    phone number = 971 4 285 2324

    3. IATC Recovery

    phone number = 800 5200

    For more information visit website.

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