Choosing the Best School in Dubai

During most of our lives, we get caught up in the stress of making choices after choices. The choices can range from choosing a home, a car, the right life-partner, a daycare or simply a movie.  However, it can be very hard for a family to choose the best school upon arriving for the first time to a country they do not know.  It is the case for most expats living in Dubai.  Luckily though, thanks to the internet and government initiatives we now have access to some of the most informative sites. In this guide, we will go over some of the resourceful sites.


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    The Knowledge and Human Development Authority better known as KHDA, is a site used by families living or newly arrived to Dubai.  In this site, you can find yearly reports on the progress of the schools, as well as the overall ratings.  You can also find information on the different events going on in and around the schools. Did you know that post-secondary enrolments have boosted up by 11%? For more facts and information, you can go directly to their site.

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    Before, choosing a school it is important to assess your children, like are they ready for school; are they potty trained, or are they of age to begin school. It is very essential to become familiar with the rules and regulations in Dubai.  In order to register your children, you must submit the original Transfer Certificate to the new school; without this document your child cannot attend a school in Dubai. With new forums and informational sites created by expats in Dubai, they tend to be full of information, not always up-to-date.

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    The following site, allows you to compare and put the schools in the order of the cheapest to the most expensive. The tuition fees you will pay yearly, monthly or quarterly will influence your decision the most; therefore, I suggest you look at the price for each school. The prices may range from 8,000 AED to over 70,000AED a year.  In order to get the best education, you do not have pay with your arm and leg, as there are good schools with an average tuition price. You can also categorize the schools as per your choice of curriculum. You can look for more at dubai frequently asked questions website.

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    As soon as I opened the page to this site, a list of different articles popped up. The first one read, “Federal National Council warns Heavy school bags are deforming UAE children: Gulf News”.  The details and insights in this blog/forum will make you go back each time regarding any issues pertaining to Dubai.  On the top right hand corner of the main page, you will find categories ranging from British, Indian, American, or Nurseries.  As it states on their page, “The ABCs of Schools in Dubai”.  There is just one problem, not all the nurseries and schools are listed; however, it is very insightful. The articles are helpful for parents and educators too.

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    As parents we feel responsible for not having made the right choices for our children. However, with the right tools, resources and more it is possible to live a worry-free life.  As an expat myself, I remember my first move and I was an overbearing and over-protective mother. I found it difficult to choose the right school. I hope guide has assisted all new families arriving to Dubai for the first time.  I will be sharing more parenting tips and ideas for families living in Dubai. Until then, encouragement, love and a sense of independence are very important for us to display.

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