Set Up Etisalat Prepaid Connection in Dubai

If you are visiting or living in Dubai having access to a cellular network for making and receiving calls is a must. Etisalat is UAE’s first mobile operator and has branches all over the region, including Etisalat branches in all major shopping malls and office buildings such as Al Koufa Service, Barista Cafe – Dubai Festival City, Barista Espresso – Mall of the Emirates, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Deira City Center, Dubai International Financial Center, Starbucks and Al Shaya DXB Int’l Airport to mention a few.

Setting up a mobile phone connection in Dubai with Etisalat is very easy. Etisalat recently launched its 4G network with the fastest speed in the Middle East and has great subscription and pay-as-you-go plans. If you’re new to Dubai or are already a resident, this StepbyStep guide will show you exactly how to set up a pre-paid mobile phone connection with the biggest telecommunications provider in the UAE and instantly activate your Etisalat account.

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    Knowing what you need in order to set up a prepaid mobile phone connection with Etisalat is important. The documents required are as follows:

    - UAE nationals = Passport or UAE National ID or UAE Driving License
    - Expatriates = Passport or UAE Driving License or GCC National ID
    - Visitors = A valid passport with UAE visa

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    Etisalat has a great service called " Ahlan" which means hello in Arabic and is the prepaid option. This is available to everyone so long as you are over the age of 18. To subscribe for the Ahlan option, simply visit the closest branch location near you. You can also subscribe to the Ahlan package at the Etisalat kiosk at the Dubai airport and Dubai duty free zone. To find the closest branch location to where you are staying, visit the Etisalat website.

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    Given how the package is aimed at affordability, Ahlan will cost you a special low price of 60 AED and you also get 25 AED upon line activation for free. This price includes the SIM card.

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    Topping up your Ahlan account is also very simple. Just walk over to any grocery store, super market, or corner store and purchase a prepaid recharge card. Recharge cards come in denominations of:

    - 25 AED Airtime of 25 AED
    - 40 AED Airtime of 40 AED
    - 100 AED Airtime of 100 AED

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    To find out more or if you have any questions at all regarding prepaid services with Etisalat simply visit the website by clicking here.

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