Deira Clock Tower Dubai

Deira clock tower, which is also at times referred to as the Dubai Clocktower, is located in the Deira area near the Umm Hurair road intersection. It symbolizes the true essence of Dubai with its beauty and grandeur, which reflect the true lifestyle of the residents of Dubai – colorful, vibrant and culturally rich. It is surrounded by fast-paced traffic, bustling markets and busy roads.

Many people are seen holding cups of coffee in the winters of Dubai and enjoying the beholding site that Deira Clock Tower becomes when it is lit in the dark nights. Read on to know more about this famous landmark of Dubai!


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    Constructed in 1964 by Overseas AST just like many of Dubai’s other landmarks, it had to be renovated in 1972 since the material used in the construction process was sub-standard and beach sand was used for concrete. This resulted in corrosion of the structure, which was built to celebrate Dubai’s first oil exports.

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    Things to see at Deira Clocktower

    - Gushing fountains that reflect colorful lights
    - Intricate concrete structure
    - Interchange of different junctions
    - Shopping malls surrounding the tower

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    Attractions near Deira Clocktower

    The Deira Clocktower is known for being surrounded by numerous shopping malls, restaurants and other attractions.

    Burjuman Mall, Lamcy Plaza, Samaya Hotel Deira, Radisson SAS Dubai Creek

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    Entry requirements

    Since it is a junction connecting different parts of Dubai with each other, there is no entry requirement. It is majorly known for making the Al Maktoum Bridge accessible, creating a connection between Deira and Bur Dubai.

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    Operational Hours

    It is open 24/7 for the traffic to move from one part of the city to the other.

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    Deira Clocktower, Intersection of Al Makhtoum Road and Umm Hurair Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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    How to get to Deira Clocktower

    The nearest bus stop to Deira Clocktower is Ministry Of Environment 1, since it is just 190 m away and at a distance of 2 minutes walk.  In the absence of a tram station, if you take any of the buses numbered 10 or C15 to get dropped at this bus stop, just head southwest on Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd/D 78 towards 40 C St to get to Deira Clocktower. View Map

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