List of Fast Food Restaurants in Dubai

The metropolis of Dubai is known for its big building structures and sky high constructions as it is popular for to build the first, largest and the biggest constructions in the world. It’s an individuality of Dubai that it always going on ever-changing phases to construct something better and bigger than the previous one. It is a place where the rate of immigrants is biggest among all around the world. That’s the reason; Dubai possesses diverse variety in thriving culture, food options and business opportunities. Here one can get everything, as tourist who went first time to Dubai can get confused as it offers an exciting abundance of attractions, activities, shopping and nightlife.


  • 1

    Dukkan Falafel – Jumeirah, offers exclusive tastes in fast food with friendly service. Its environment is good and cool.

  • 2

    Bikanervala, offers vegetarian North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese cuisine and Fast food along with a vast variety of traditional Indian sweets and snacks

  • 3

    Burger King - Burjuman, enjoy the Steakhouse Burger, where the delicious veal bacon meets the juicy pure beef patty, the yummy crispy onion and the tangy barbeque sauce , Steakhouse burger/chicken is available all year round

  • 4

    Kcal Healthy Fast Food, is presenting colorful selection of handpicked, mouthwatering dishes inspired from favorites around the globe.

  • 5

    Southern Fried Chicken - SFC - Pizza Pan, serves authentic Indian cuisines at its finest, in a luxurious and traditional splendor.

  • 6

    Just Falafel, Crispy and crunchy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside, the scrumptious golden-brown croquettes known as falafels are a worldwide taste sensation.

  • 7

    KFC, is an international chain of fast food restaurant which offers quality food with friendly environment.

  • 8

    Emarat, is presenting high quality food and friendly environment for the people of Dubai from the past few years. It is among the best restaurants of Dubai.

  • 9

    Tibbs Frankie, is another fast food restaurant located in the city of Dubai offering a variety of tasty food with reasonable rates.

  • 10

    Hardee's, offers freshly prepared premium quality white meat to its customers with friendly environment and reasonable rates.

  • 11

    Dixie lee chicken, provide high quality food products at economical prices with a strong emphasis on fast, friendly service.

  • 12

    Lemon Grass Express - The Meadows, offers good and healthy food with reasonable prices, their environment is friendly and relaxing.

  • 13

    McDonalds_Deira, is a place of real taste and friendly environment, it offers fresh and healthy food for the people of Dubai at reasonable rates.

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