Top Afterschool Activities for Children in Dubai

Studies have shown that afterschool programs encourage children to experience with different instruments, and activities while promoting continual stimulation of the mind.  There are great benefits to enrolling your children in afterschool activities.  Dubai is an emirate full of many possibilities, especially concerning the well being of children. Therefore, the afterschool programs and activities are unlimited. In this guide we will look at the top afterschool programs or activities.


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    The first and most popular program in Dubai, I would have to say is swimming. There are various locations throughout Dubai offering afterschool swimming programs, and they are spread out all over Dubai.  As per Timeout Dubai the Active Sports Academy has swimming, football (soccer), basketball, tennis, cheerleading, gymnastics, and many more activities. Active Sports Academy has locations all over Dubai, making it easily accessible for parents interested in enrolling their children. The academy also offers their classes at a number of schools, once again making it trouble-free and traffic-free for parents with children registered in those schools. For more information on their classes, schedules, and prices visit.

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    M & S Sports Service offers a variety of afterschool programs including mixed martial arts and of course swimming. M & S is one of the few offering synchronizing swimming which has become a well-liked program.  Their teachers are supportive and encouraging; while sticking to the proper techniques.  Alike, the Active Sports Academy they too teach within the facilities of various schools; these schools include JESS, Safa Private School, Regent International School, and Raffles World Academy.  Guess what, for the eager and active birthday boy/girl M & S also offers birthday party packages.  Hurry and register as their sessions started about two weeks ago.

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    As every child is different, you may find your child may be having difficulty with a subject at school. Therefore, you as a concerned parent may choose to enroll your child in an afterschool tutoring program. There programs have been around for a long time, and they are very good for the continual development of children. Studies have shown that due to the long summer holidays some children tend to forget some of what they learned throughout the school year. It is best advised to register for a tutoring program during the summer months. Here are a few programs, you may choose from:

    Touring Center
    Meta Mindz

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    The arts and crafts afterschool programs are fun and entertaining for the children. I know firsthand some schools offer the arts and craft afterschool program for the children enrolled in the school. Therefore, take a look and see if your child’s school is offering such programs. Anyways, if you need more suggestions on other programs, kindly find below a list of a few programs.

    Cafe Ceramique
    My Craftland
    Crescendo (Also offers dance classes)
    Art Dubai

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    We finally come to a very popular option for the little girls, dance.  Just alone in my daughter’s class all the little girls are or have been enrolled in a dance program.  Due to the growing demands of the dance afterschool programs, the number of dance schools and classes are increasing. The options are quite easy as most mums choose the closest to their home or school. Please find below a few option for you to choose from:

    Ballet Centre Dubai
    Brooklyn Melodies
    Core Direction

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