Dubai DryDocks World Overview

The city of Dubai has made a name for itself by offering duty free ports to businesses that want to trade with the Middle East, Asia and Africa. As the trade volume has grown, so has the number of ships and vessels that dock at the ports in Dubai.

With the growing number of ships the need for a dry dock became apparent. That is why the government of Dubai created the Dubai Dry Docks to help companies easily and swiftly dock a ship on dry land so that it could be repaired or maintained. The Dubai Dry Docks is run by Dry Docks World and is adjacent to Port Rashid.

Today the Dubai Dry docks offer numerous services including sale of ships, floating repairs, ship lifts, general engineering services, ship rigs and equipment leasing.


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    The Dubai Dry Docks started their journey in 1971. The idea was eventually planned, financed and then executed. The dry docks were completed in 1983 and are too date the largest dry docks facility of its type in the Arabian Sea.

    Today the dry docks handle about 350 vessels a year and the dry docks have completed over 25 years of successful operations in which they have repaired over 6600 ships overall.

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    Things to do at Dubai Dry docks

    The Dubai Dry Docks offer may services to their clients . The major services available at the docks are:

    - Ship repair and yard
    - Vessel conversions
    - Building and offshore construction
    - Equipment rental and leasing

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    Operational Hours

    The Dry Docks are operational 24 hours a day because ships are going in and out of the port constantly.

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    How to Contact Dubai Dry Docks

    The Dry Docks have many different departments and you can contact each area separately.

    For general inquiries and information follow the contact details below:

    Telephone: +971 4 3450626
    Fax: +971 4 3450116

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    Dubai DryDocks World Al Mina, Dubai UAE

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    How to Get There

    There is no metro station within the range of 2.5 Km. So, it is better to take a bus to reach to Dubai Dry Docks.

    The closest bus stop is the Dubai Dry Docks stop. Commuters can easily get there by using bus route C9. After getting off at the stop all you need to do is to head South West on Jumeirah Road and make a right in to the Dry Docks World. View Map.

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