How to Buy a Flat in Dubai

Dubai over recent years has experienced one of the most vital progress transformations the world has ever seen. That is the reason why this beautiful city is gaining fabulous popularity among the foreigners, who love to become an owner of a property in one among the modern and luxurious cities of the world.

If you are one among those who want to buy a flat / property in Dubai, then cheer up as you can make your dream come true, following a smooth and easy purchase process. One of the most general ways to purchase a flat in Dubai is “off plan – buying from builder / developer.” It is cost-effective and easy process as compared to resale purchase. Moreover, it provides you with a chance to monitor your flat going through various developmental phases.

This simple guide contains the detailed procedure of buying a flat from builders in Dubai.


  • 1

    Locating a Builder

    Search online and find out about the prestigious companies offering off-plan purchase. Call at the given number and confirm the property offered by them.

  • 2

    Available Property

    In buying flat from a builder / developer, chances are high that your new home may not be yet built. However, the other basic types of property available off-plan in Dubai include apartments and villas.

  • 3

    Hire local estate agent

    Once you find a suitable property that meets your desires, hire a trustworthy and known local estate legal agent and seek a legal advice before committing to any off-plan flat. Moreover, ask him/her to represent you in flat’s buying process and to complete the legal procedures involved in the off-plan Purchase.

  • 4

    Sign initial agreement

    Visit the selected property and sign an agreement with the developer regarding the payment schedule of the installments of the under-developed flat. Make sure to bring your passport to the contract signing.

  • 5

    Pay the initial deposit

    Upon signing the contract, pay the early deposit around 10% to 15% of the total cost of the property to the builder. Rest of the amount of the under-construction flat will be paid in several stages until the finishing date of project.

    Most of the builders / developers in Dubai are trustworthy, but it always safe to pay the deposits and payments into Dubai’s Real Estate Regulation Agency (RERA)-approved securities account. In these accounts, the money is regularly transferred to the developer upon completion of construction stages. Moreover, make sure that opened account is in the name of the project, not the developer.

  • 6

    Pay Property transfer fee

    Although there is no property purchase tax in Dubai as it is tax Free State, but you will have to pay fees for transferring property and stamp taxes on transferrals. These taxes amount can be between 1 to 7 percent of the flat’s purchase price.

  • 7

    Register the sale

    Now register your Flat’s sale at Dubai's Land Department. The registration fee is 1.5% of the overall purchase price of the property. In case if you have a mortgage on your property, then you will be charged an extra 0.25% of the overall purchase price. The documents required for the registration of the sale include the initial agreement, your passport, and residence permit.

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