Canada Water Tube Station London

Canada Water Tube Station serves the district named Rotherhithe on Jubilee Line of London Underground. The station has been awarded the Civic Trust Building award for its design and innovative architectural design. Its ground breaking architectural design makes it one of the most stylish and astonishing tube stations ever build. Natural light flows in the tube station terminal and ticket house from the ceiling which is made of glass. The station was opened for public in 17 September 1999.The tube station is located in southeast London and it serves the Rotherhithe district. For a list of things near Canada Water Tube Station the following list of places is indexed for you people to know about the places that are located nearby the Canada Water Tube station.

Canada Water tube station has three entrance and exit points, i.e. from Surrey Quays Road, Bus Station and Business Park. The available facilities on station include cash machine, telephone, vending machines, toilets, photo booth and lifts. Places to explore near Canada Water Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops, there are always some coffee shops and restaurants near every tube station of London underground for the travelers who obviously get hungry after a long journey, like any other station Canada water tube station also has some coffee shops and restaurants nearby to satisfy the appetite of travelers.

    Bermondsey Cafe
    Starbucks Coffee Co
    Mr Cappucino
    Serve Well
    Adam Café

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    Clubs & Bars, Canada water station is located in the areas which  is mostly residential there are some of clubs are bars near Canada water tube station for the local residents as well as travelers and visitors coming here.

    Cafe Sillka Comntempory Restaurant & Bar
    The Ship Rotherhithe
    The Surrey Docks
    Prospect Of Whitby
    The Angel
    Club Easy London
    Club Aquarium

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    Hotels & Accommodations, for those who are visiting Rotherhithe district there is plenty of hotels and accommodation options available for you to stay near Canada water tube station. The list below is for traveler visiting the place so that they don't have a difficulty in choosing the right place near the Canada water tube station.

    Britannia City Student Living
    Hilton London Docklands Riverside
    Riverside Let
    Dragonfly Apartments

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    Sights & Attractions, if anyone wants to go for sight seeing or so for some amusement there is plenty of parks and attractions near Canada Water tube station where you can hangout and enjoy yourself.

    London Bubble Theatre Company
    Odeon Cinema
    Odeon Surrey Quays (leisure park)
    King's Stairs Gardens
    The Albin Memorial Garden

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    Schools & Colleges, for those of who come to the district for study or people living nearby the Canada Waters tube station and looking for a good educational institute, here is a list of educational institutes within a mile from the Canada Water tube station.

    Blake Hall College
    Central Greenwich College
    Ocean Blue Solution (UK) Ltd
    Bosco Centre - Day Nursery
    Youth Clubs and College
    Albion Primary School

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    Gift & Bookshops, people who like reading and are on a visiting tour to Rotherhithe via tube station or living nearby the Canada Water Tube station here is a list of book shops and gift shop located near the tube station

    Office & Book World

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    Health & Beauty Services, people nowaday are cautious about their health and fitness. Here're some of the  health and beauty saloons and facilities near the Canada water tube station.

    A & D
    Ninas Nail
    Beauty Studio
    Medisana Healthcare (UK) Ltd
    Hair Candy
    Radiant Hair and Beauty

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    Hospitals & Clinics, those who have ill health conditions and finding a good hospital and clinic nearby there are some hospitals and clinics in the town as well. The hospitals and clinics near Canada Water Tube station are as follows:

    Decathlon (dental care)
    The DMC Silverlock (doctor)
    Canada Water Dental Health
    Canada Water Osteopathy / Canada Water Dentist
    Express Medicals Ltd
    Medisana Healthcare (UK) Ltd

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    Shopping Malls, if you want to do some shopping in the Rotherhithe district there are a couple of shopping centers nearby where there are some grocery stores and shopping malls around.


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    Emergency Services, In case of emergency, mishaps, or if you are in some kind of accident you may contact the nearby emergency services near the Canada Water Tube Station.

    Rotherhithe Police Station
    Metropolitan Police Service

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