Where to buy the best hot chocolate in London

Best hot chocolate can only be the one which will travel you back in time to your childhood memories when in the winter nights, mommy used to bring a delicious mug of hot milk mixed with your favorite chocolate flavor. The city of London is giving huge importance to hot chocolate and a proof of that is that there are several places which are selling high quality hot chocolate. Though people prefer coffee or a nice cup of tea in order to initialize an energetic day, but there are adults as well as children who crave to have hot chocolate, especially in winters. If you intend to find out about the best places where chocolate drink is sold, then take a look at the purveyors of hot chocolate in London available below:


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    Artisan du Chocolat is known for using original ingredients in making the best chocolate bars, truffles and sauces. But it is also famous for the delicious hot chocolate milk which cannot be compared with the one provided by others. With massive varieties in chocolate, you can avail a chance of finding your favorite flavor.

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    Cocomaya’s tempting chocolate based recipes are inspired by French traditions. The hot chocolate served at Cocomaya is thick and creamy which enhances the ordinary taste into an extraordinarily flavor. Sugar-free hot chocolate also available and tasty enough to fare among your favorite drinks.

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    Mélange’s job is not only to serve delicious chocolate products, but expert chocolatier Isabelle Alaya is also known for scheduling courses on chocolate making so that people can learn how their favorite recipe is actually created.

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    Melt makes sure that their customers are granted with the best chocolate made-up of natural and high quality ingredients. Peppermint with chocolate is the most demanding flavor at Melt.

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    Paul A Young, is Paul’s brainchild and his groundbreaking recipes and inspiring ways of dealing with technical cooking procedures have helped him in making a place among the best purveyors of chocolate. Besides the bars and chocolate sauce, the yummy drinks prepared by him is another reason why people prefer repeatedly visiting his chocolate shop.

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    Rabot Estate was inaugurated five years back in order to make people familiar with the original flavor of chocolate. St Lucia’s Robot Estate also has a café where people can sit and enjoy freshly prepared recipes, having chocolate as the main ingredient.

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    Verde & Co is a Dickensian shop where chocolate is steamed with milk and a fabulous recipe of hot chocolate drink is prepared. The shop is owned by Jeanette Winterson who is quite famous in London as a novelist.  

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    William Curley; 70% Amedei Toscano flakes with chilli and hazelnut praline is one of the special hot chocolate recipes prepared at William Curley’s shop. You can also become a part of the chocolate making workshops and learn how it's done!

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    Theobroma Cacao; you are allowed to make a choice out of 10 flavors of chocolate and enjoy a delicious hot drink containing 62% of cocoa with a fabulous hit of vanilla and bourbon. Their fantastic service and mouth-watering chocolate recipes is the reason why people visit it.

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    Taylor St Baristas comes up with decadent hot chocolate that not only soothes your mind into a state of tranquility, but also leaves you craving for more! In order to make the drink perfect, the cocoa flakes of Valhrona are steamed with milk. Besides chocolate drink, coffee and tea are also granted equal importance.

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