How to Carry Out Vertical Jump Training

Vertical leaping ability is paramount is majority of the sports, especially in basketball. Some athletes are gifted with a natural ability to jump higher, but even that capability has to be refined to reach the level acceptable at the professional. Even if you are not of those, people, through proper training you can improve your leap. The article will give you an insight on the basic training regime.


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    One of the most basic exercises that you can follow through on, in order to increase your vertical jump are the squats. The squats work on your hamstring and your thighs at the same time, and are the best exercise which you can perform, in order to build muscle. This added muscle will be able to help you jump higher, simply because the stronger your legs are, the more weight they can push.

    Now in order to perform a squat, all you need to do is to get yourself a barbell, place it behind your head and rest in on top of your shoulders. Now go ahead and start to squat downwards and go as low as you can. You want to get low enough to almost touch the floor with your rear end –however, don’t touch the floor completely. Now stand back up, but don’t jump up, take your time and ease back into a standing position.

    Repeating this about three times with twelve reps in each set, will help you get the results you need. Try and increase the weight as it becomes easier for you to perform the exercise.

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    Dumbbell/free weight jumps

    Another great way to boost your vertical jump is to practice with either dumbbell in your hands, or by using disks of free weights.

    In this exercise, what you need to do is to hold the weight in each hand and then start hopping in one place. This might seem like it isn’t much, but it is working on your calves, ankles and your hamstring. These are three parts of the leg, that help assist in your jump, which is why it is ideal to train them as much as you can.

    Start off with lighter weights, but as you go by, increase the weights. In order to track your progress, measure your vertical jump from a standing position before you have tried out the exercise, compared to a week after you have been following this exercise for.

    Do about four sets of these, with about twenty reps in each set.

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    Step ups

    The last thing that you would want to do in order to increase your vertical jump, is the step ups. The step ups see you jump off flat land onto a surface that is positioned higher than ground level.

    This is a very straight forward exercise, and it is usually done for warm-ups. However, if you do it over a period of time, you adapt your body to for jumping to a greater vertical limit.

    In order to push yourself and to get the best possible results, tie ankle weights to yourself, or hold a disk of free weight in your arms while performing the exercise.

    Normally you would do this till failure; however, if you are going to be doing it with weights, then you should do four sets with about twenty to twenty five reps in each set.


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