Charges on Child Arrest in London

Due to increase in crime rates there is no such city left where inauspiciously children are also involved among the law abiding citizens. Though this flaw of a society will take a lot of time to be eliminated with the help of each and every citizen’s contribution, still there are few procedures which have made it quite easy for parents to handle such a situation. Likewise other cities the main focus of London’s government is also to serve their nation and facilitate the citizens with the comfortable procedure to resolve the harsh full issues, but if by any chance your child is charged for some case or he or she is arrested then this article will definitely help you in figuring a proper way out, which will also keep your child away from any harm.


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    If a child is 17 years old or below that and he has been charged for some crime than the first priority of the police would be to inform the parents of the child. They will not start their investigation or take the child’s interview until his or her parents arrive.

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    If by any chance the delay in the process of investigation leads towards a major risk then they will start their procedure but the department will make sure to begin the process in the presence of an adult who will make your child feel mentally secure and comfortable.

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    In London a child cannot be charged or declared criminal if he or she is under the age of 10, but above 10 years the child will be treated in the same manner as a 18 years old kid or below that will be.

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    The court system will not be included in the case, before that a complete crime record checking will be done in order to see whether this is the first time a child has been charged for a minor offence or behaved anti-socially. If it is the first time the entire situation will be dealt by the police department outside the court.

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    If the charge on your child has not been declared for the first time then according to the situation he might be remanded for bail or in custody. At this point you will have to take help from the legal advisors.  There are many legal experienced advisers in London who will help you in order to provide full protection to your child and the most famous one is the Children Legal Center which assures parents to provide all the possible facilities they require for securing their kids stuck in crime charges. The contact information of Children Legal Center is given below:

    The Children’s Legal Centre

    Address: 38 Great Portland Street, London W1W 8QY, United Kingdom, View Map
    +44 20 7580 1664 ‎
    Visit: The Children’s Legal Centre Website

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    You will have to follow all the instructions given by the legal adviser in order to safe your child from the hassle he or she is in.

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