List of Italian Restaurants in London

In London, you’ll find a brilliant blend of cultures and societies living in close proximity to each other. If you are looking to spend a night out, you should try one of the great Italian restaurants in London. With the close proximity of the British Capital to mainland Europe, London has some of the best Italian venues and cooks in the world. Choosing a location to dine out at can be a little tricky because you want to make sure that the Italian restaurant serves the dishes that you like and is within your budget. Location and reputation are also factors that will influence your choice. Below you will find a list of Italian restaurants in London that will help you make an informed choice of where to dine out tonight:


  • 1

    Bocca Di Lupo

    Located in Soho, is small restaurant that aims to serve authentic Italian cusine. The owners go through great pains to either make the ingredients themselves or source them direct from Italy. The menu is made up of recopies with no frills. The generous portions are served in an intimate location that gives you the feeling that you are dining on a side street of Italy itself. Specialties include gelati, breads, sausages, salame, pickles, mostarda and pasta.

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    One of the best Italian restaurants in London, serves all pastas and breads to Italian favourites. It is an excellent meeting point for tired shoppers as it serves the light lunch or snack menu.

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    Little Italy

    Little Italy is a true London institution. Tracing its roots back to some of the first Italian immigrants to the UK, the restaurant started off as a coffee bar. AS the ambitions and reputation of the owners grew, Little Italy morphed in to a full scale high-end restaurant it is today. Dinner, wine and dancing are just some of the plus-points of the venue.

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    Locanda Locatelli

    Is one of the best meeting point for the youngsters because it serves light and tasty dinner. If you are looking the same menu for today’s dinner must visit Locanda Locatelli.

  • 5


    Among the finest Italian restaurants in London and is known for its dinner course. It offers dutiful service, an attractive menu and lively environment for tired shoppers.

  • 6

    Italian Kitchen

    It serves light and healthy meal menu. With a great value wine list, this restaurant serves authentic Italian food and a great spot for casual dinner and lunch.

  • 7

    Piccolo Diavolo

    Piccolo Diavolo serves the best and authentic Italian food in London. It is located in the heart of Soho.

  • 8

    Da Mario

    A small and homely venue which serves a broad selection of Italian home-style cuisine. Their specialties include Italian homemade pasta, delicious homemade desserts and good Italian wines.

  • 9

    Ristorante Biagio

    It serves home cooked food with catch of the day fish and fresh handmade Italian pasta and is considered as one of the best Italian restaurant in the town.

  • 10

    Enoteca Turi

    It is one of the best Italian restaurants in London. It serves authentic Italian food and finest wine to shoppers.

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