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The University of the Arts London is a centerpiece of diverse and quality education and has six different colleges working to impart different genres of education. They promote the local culture while providing all the resources of a larger institution in friendly environment. The University of the Arts London offers a wide array of diverse courses, ranging from foundation and undergraduate to postgraduate and research. It accommodates more than 20,000 students across the globe, and provides quality education to enhance their intellectual skills. There are 1,228 teaching staff members that include professional artists, theorists, practitioners, critics and designers who have a strong grip on theoretical and historical analysis alongside creative and experimental practice. The combination of students coming from different backgrounds and a research and experienced staff creates an exceptional and versatile learning experience for everyone at the university.

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    The university has six colleges within its premises that offer a wide range of courses to cater to the need of every student. These colleges offer a comprehensive program on film, arts, theatre, television, education, textile design and many more. The names of the colleges are listed below;

    - Camberwell College of Arts
    - Chelsea College of Art and Design
    - Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
    - London College of Communication
    - London College of Fashion
    - Wimbledon College of Art

    You can browse your course and course information through the given link.

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    Application procedure

    There are different procedures for applying in these colleges depending on the level and type of course you wish to study. They offer Foundation, Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses in diverse fields. They also offer a wide range of short courses that will instigate, uplift and engage you while developing your professional and personal skills.

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    Fees, Finance and Funding

    You can find comprehensive information regarding fee structure for undergraduate, post-graduate and research programs in this section. In addition, complete information is given on scholarships and their eligibility criterion.

    Undergraduate tuition fees

    Variable rates apply for full time undergraduate students, depending upon their locality. International students have to pay a higher fees for their undergraduate academic degree courses as compared to students from UK and European Union, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

    Post-graduate tuition fees

    The university charges different fees for Master degree, Postgraduate diploma and Postgraduate certificates. Detailed information on the fees for these courses from the relevant college can be found.

    Graduate diploma / Certificate fees

    The university offers these courses for one year or less in duration. UK/EU students have to pay less as compared to International students. Variable rates apply for the students of Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

    For complete information on the tuition fees, click here.

    Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans

    The University of the Arts London provides financial assistance to all its students depending on the level of course they wish to study. You can find different types of scholarships and bursaries on this link.

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    The University of the Arts London provides learning and a conducive environment to all its students. On campus accommodation facility is also available for international students. In addition, you can be a member of the Alumni Association after your graduation from any of the University's colleges. Once you are a member of this association, you can have access to all college libraries and special discounts on UAL's short courses.

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    The University of the Arts London Campus

    The university provides world-class education to help students enhance their intellectual and academic skills while maintaining their standard.

    University of the Arts London, 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EY, United Kingdom. View map

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    Contact details of The University of the Arts London

    For further queries, you can contact on phone and email, or personally visit the university at the above given address.

    Switchboard: +44 207 514 6000

    Course Enquiries - Further Education, Higher Education and Postgraduate
    Telephone: +44 207 514 6197

    For vacancy queries at the University, you can email at

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    How to get the University of the Arts London

    By tube: Holborn is the nearest over ground station and is 466ft away from the university. By walk it will take 2 minutes to reach University of the Arts London. Move east on High Holborn/A40 towards Kingsway/A4200. Take a left to Southampton Row/A4200, and you will find your destination on the right side. View map

    By bus: Bloomsbury Way (Stop B) is the nearest bus stop to the university and buses number 19, 38, 55, N19, N38, N41 and N55 serve this bus stop. Direct northeast on Vernon P1/A40 to Southampton Row/A4200. Take a right to Southampton Row/A4200, and your destination will be on the left.

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