Cheat Codes to Make Sims Speak English

A Strategic life simulation video game Sims was released back in February 2000 and since then this unique and interesting invention of Electronic Arts has acquired huge number of users. The game is based on the daily activities of one or more persons known as Sims and they live in the suburban area called SimCity.

Maxis the developer of this entertaining activity has appealed to a great number of people and the unique thing about this game is the language spoken by the characters. It’s neither English nor any other lingo, Sims communication is through a special language called Simlish. This fictional language does not have any cheat code available to convert it into English or any other desired language.


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    While developing this game the creators wanted to make it catchier by adding dialogues. They thought if they are creating a new world, they should have a language of their own, or else it won’t attract the users. What they came up with was Simlish. The popularity of the game is massive and everybody that has ever played the game seems to get hooked by it. The best part is that it is not like the violent video games that we usually see but rather a mild social type interaction as you live and develop your character in SimCity.

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    By combining Ukrainian, Latin, Tagalog and Navajo the Maxis and Will Wright developed a new gibberish language. This language is what is spoken by the characters in SimCity. Although you really cannot understand it properly, after playing the game for awhile you start to pick up on it and can sort of start making some sense.

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    If you pay attention towards the sounds of the Sims’s speech you can get hold of Simlish style, but the best way to understand the sounds is through imitating songs.
    There is no authentic code available for any patch or version that can convert the creator’s language Simlish in to any other lingo. It seems that many people have tried but in essence this could ruin the game for most people as being in a different world there should be a different language used.

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    After the creation of language, with the help of voice actors the language was dubbed. The process was extremely difficult, because in an interview the creators once said that 40,000 audio samples are required to create version of Simlish. For adults (male, female) and for babies there are different phrases. Simlish is not a joke but a form of communication that is used by the characters in SimCity.

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