Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Christmas Party Invitation Letter is a wonderful medium to get your invited guests into Christmas spirit and partying mood.

Start the letter with a brief but impressive explanation of the Christmas Party. Use phrases such as “We request the honor of your presence at our Christmas party,” or “Join us for jollity, ecstasy, laughter and cheer” etc to open the letter. Moreover, the date, day, time and venue of the party must be a part of the introductory paragraph of the letter. For example, “Join us on Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 at New Era Gardens” etc.

In the second paragraph of the letter, mention anything you want your guest(s) to bring or the rules of the party – if any. Clearly spell out, whether spouses and other family members are invited or not. Moreover, highlight the importance of the presence of the guest(s) in your party. For example, “Bring your loved ones” or “Bring your family with you for the fun and festivities.”

Include your contact information in the last paragraph of the letter and request your guest(s) to RSVP.

Conclude the letter with a wish to see the guests in the venue of the party, followed by a nice but formal closing salutation.


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    Sample of Christmas Party Invitation

    Susan Langdon
    232 North Street
    Carrolton, TX 75006

    19th December, 2012

    Dear Langdon,

    Like every year, this year too, we are organizing a Christmas party at our home. This invitation is a request for the honor of your presence in the party on Tuesday, December 25, 2012 at 7:00 pm.

    We wish to see you in the party along with your other family members. We have separate arrangements for kids as well. You were not able to join us in last year due the birth of your cute baby boy, Smith. However, you do not have any excuse this year, so you will surely come as we are eager to meet Smith. It will be a themed party, so it is kindly requested to be in either white or red dress. With your presence, our party would be a memorable one.

    Please RSVP at 0200 447585 456 to let us know whether you would be able to join us in the party or not for whatever reason.

    Hoping to meet you in the Christmas party!

    Best Regards,

    Mr. and Mrs. Brown Smith
    Flat No. 2322,
    101 Sunflower Apartment,
    RSVP: 0200 447585 456

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    Template of Christmas Party Invitation Letter

    [Recipient’s Name]
    [Recipient’s Address]

    [Date of Writing Invitation]

    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    It’s time again for Christmas Cheer! Join us for a colorful Christmas party and the joy of the season on [Day], [Month], [Date], [Year] at [Time of Party].

    The Christmas party will be held at [Venue] and will be an informal family gathering. It means that you can come in any attire you are comfortable with and can take your loved ones along with you. We are pretty sure that with your pleasurable company, our very special party would be a perfect blast.

    We would be thankful if you kindly inform us that whether you would be able to attend the party of not. Contact us at [RVSP (Phone number)] or email at [Your email address] - if required.

    We are anxiously looking forward to meeting you to at our bombastic Christmas party.

    With love,

    [Your / Sender Name]
    [Your Handwritten Signature]
    [Your / Sender Address]

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    Greetings for Christmas Party Invitation Letter

    Casual Greetings:

    - “Christmas comes but once a year; let's get together to celebrate it with passion and cheer!”

    - “We are organizing a colorful Christmas party to celebrate the beauty of the season!”

    - “Celebrate this Year’s Christmas with us! You are cordially invited to a Christmas party for special friends.”

    - “We are hosting a Christmas party; we hope you will join us!”

    - “Merry Christmas! Please join us for a Christmas party - an evening of festive drinks and merry-making.”

    -  “You are invited for some holiday cheer to celebrate Christmas!”

    - “It is the most breathtaking time of the year! Join us for a real celebration of Christmas cheer!”

    - “Let us rejoice in all the blessings the Christmas and New Year brings. Join us for a Christmas party full of happiness, joy and enjoyment.”

    Formal Greetings:

    - “You are warmly invited to attend a Christmas party celebration.”

    - “We request the honor of your presence at the Christmas and New Year Party.”

    - “The pleasure of your company is requested to celebrate the holiday season.”

    - “Happy Christmas and wish you joy and good tidings! Please join us for an amazing Christmas party.”

    - “Christmas is here! Join us for Merriment, joy, cheer and celebrations of the season.”

    - “It is time again for Christmas celebration, Join us in our party and have fun.”

    Cute Greetings:

    - “Mix and mingle, let’s pop the champagne as we have good reason - It’s Christmas time!”

    - “Merry everything, and be happy always! Come celebrate this Christmas season with us!”

    - “Deck the halls! You are cordially invited to a bombastic Christmas party at our place!”

    - “Join us to rejoice in all the blessings the Christmas season brings.”

    - “Let’s raise a glass and toast to the spirit of Christmas! Join our Christmas Party”

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