Letter of Appreciation to Employer

Writing a letter to your employer is one of the most important things in your job life. When you are employed, you have to keep in touch with your superiors or employer through correspondence of different kinds.

Letter of appreciation to employer is the most important means to let your superiors know that you acknowledge their patronage for you.

Start the letter by expressing your thanks to the employer. Write briefly how your employer helped you with your task or how he facilitated you. The first paragraph should not be long enough to turn off the reader, just focus on why you are writing this letter.

The second paragraph should explain a bit of detail on how your employer made you happy. It could be anything from a business plan to a raise in salary. Mention briefly what the plan/decision was and how it got underway.

End the letter by expressing your gratitude for your employer once again and say you will be looking forward to the same response from him/her.


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    Sample Appreciation Letter to Employer


    Scott Miller
    Finance Manager
    New Textile Limited
    Cardiff, England 14621
    January 8, 2012


    Mike Hudson
    Finance Director
    New Textile Limited
    Cardiff, England 14621

    Dear Sir,

    I thank you with all my heart for your commitment to the new business strategy. The strategy, which was initially put forward by me, could not have been implemented without your special efforts and consideration.

    At first, the plan seemed to be a non-starter, but your committing $0.3 million for it has helped us reap good results so faStart ther. I look forward to the same support from you in the future.

    Thank you once again for patronising me and my whole finance team.

    With appreciation,

    Scott Miller

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    Template Appreciation Letter to Employer


    (Sender name)
    (Sender designation)
    Sender’s company name)
    (Sender’s company address)


    (Employer’s name)
    (Employer’s designation)
    (Employer’s company name)
    (Employer’s company address)

    Dear Sir/Boss,

    I would like to thank you for your efforts in making my new business plan work. The plan, which I proposed, needed your help right from the start, and you oversaw it with special care.

    The plan required a solid financial planning and your committing $_____ for it has made us meet our monthly targets.

    Thank you once again for taking you time and helping me proceed with my plan. I look forward to the same support from you.

    With appreciation,

    (Sender name)

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