Christmas Prayers in London

Christmas is a special time for all Christians living around the world. In London, where many different sects of Christianity live, different churches follow different protocols in celebrating the birth of Christ. Each has a rich history of how they came to follow the rituals and steps in their own churches. If you are looking for a specific denomination church on Christmas to attend mass, below is a list of the most prominent ones in London. This will help you locate and figure out when and where to go to attend Christmas day and other Christmas congregations.


  • 1

    Coptic Church

    These people belong to the Egyptian Christians. They were in command of the Egypt during the 4th to 6th centuries AD before the Muslims conquered their country.

    St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church

  • 2

    Orthodox Church

    Followers of this church believe in Christian faith as it is presented in the creeds of early church.

    (a) All Saints Greek Orthodox Church

    (b) Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Dormition

    (c) Romanian Orthodox Church

  • 3

    Roman Catholic

    This is the biggest church of Christians that is led by the Pope. This sect follows the mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

    (a) Our Lady Of The Assumption & St Gregory Roman Catholic Church

    (b) Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Southwark

    (c) Westminster Archdiocese

  • 4

    Lutheran Church

    They follow the religious studies of Martin Luther, who was a German reformer. This is a chief branch of Western Christianity.

    (a) St Mary-Le-Savoy German Lutheran Church

    (b) St. Anne's Lutheran Church

  • 5

    Pentecostal Churches

    They stress on a direct personal experience of God through the initiation in the Holy Spirit. Thus sect has a eschatological focus and is an empirical religion.

    (a) Ministry Of Restoration International Pentecostal Church

    (b) Balham Pentecostal Church

    (c) Elim Pentecostal Church

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