Cocochan Restaurant London

Under the single roof of Cocochan Restaurant, you will find several cuisines which are related to the continent of Asia. Scrumptious sushi from Japan and innovative dishes of Chinese will grant your appetite complete satisfaction. Thailand’s dishes will force you to revisit this exclusive restaurant. Sizzling Indonesian recipes will definitely become your favorite ones. In the heart of Marylebone this stylish yet contemporary restaurant is located.

Chefs available at Cocochan are known for introducing innovative recipes which can never be forgotten, if tasted once. With a very trendy esthetic sense, the interior of Cocochan restaurant has been designed; not only for a casual parties, in fact for official meetings as well, the place is ideal. So if you desire to spend some leisure time with friends in a cozy place or looking for classy venue to schedule a formal party, then Cocochan should be your only option.

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    Products and Services

    Though this restaurant, serving delicious Asian cuisine is ideal for dine-in still, if you plan to throw a casual party or wish to place reservation for a formal meeting then without any doubt make Cocochan Restaurant as your ultimate choice.

    Extensive range of beverages is obtainable at the bar where expert bar tenders will serve fresh drinks on your demand, between 5:00 pm and midnight. The cozy Lounge Bar is famous as an electrifying destination, where you can visit before your meal or after having your dinner.

    A semi private dining area by the name of White Dokoro, is present in the main zone of the restaurant. Glass ceiling and the ideal location of this area is capable enough to give an open-air feel to its customers.  For group booking (22 people) this zone of restaurant is best, because the circular table available can be combined to form 1 large table.

    Another semi private dining area, Gold Dokoro, which is quite spacious as compared to the White Dokoro’s interior, is beautiful enough to grab attention. By passing though this dining area you can directly access the Lounge Room, which is in basement. Approximately 27 people can be accommodated in Gold Dokoro.

    Lounge Room is located in the basement where bar service is obtainable. In the presence of a good quality sound system you can enjoy your favorite drink. DJ nights arranged in this portion of restaurants will definitely give you a thrilling yet exciting experience. Maximum 80 people can be accommodated in the Lounge room, but 35 can avail the dine-in facility.

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    Operational Hours

    Seven days a week you can avail the services of Cocochan Restaurant from noon till midnight.

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    Cocochan Restaurant & Bar, 38-40, James Street, London, W1U 1EU, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Cocochan Restaurant

    Bu Tube

    Nearest rapid transit from Cocochan Restaurant is the Bond Street Tubes Station. By walk it will take 2 minutes to wrap up the extent of space, between the two locations. After taking an exit from the station initiate your walk in West direction, on the Oxford St/A40. After covering 125 feet take a right turn, and continue your walk on the James St/B524. Wrap up 459 feet distance then you will reach Cocochan Restaurant.  For further guidance take help from the Pedestrian Path.

    By Bus

    Bond Street (Stop BW)‎ is the nearest bus stop. If you intend to travel by a bus then take route number 98 form the Willesden Bus Station.

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