Corporate Event Acceptance Letter

Corporate events really present a lucrative opportunity to the employees of any organisation to add to their knowledge base not only about the place that they are working at, but also for their own progressive future possibilities. The events can be held annually or sometimes semi-annually, depending on the policy of the organisation. Such events are sponsored by the business itself for bringing together the employees, business partners, current or future clients.

Depending on the nature of the event, it can be held on a small or a large scale. If the audience for the corporate event is those of a convention or a conference then it will be large scale while meetings or holiday parties can usually be scaled down.

There are often multiple reasons for such events, but some top of the line purposes include marketing in order to create all new clientele avenues, appreciate and reward the employees and business associates for all the constructive contribution.

At times, such events are organized in order to cut down on the loop holes that are impacting the performance of the resources employed and deployed by the organisation. Exercises which promote togetherness and teamwork in the office for enhancing the eventual outcome often become part of these events.

Acknowledging the receipt of these invites and confirming your presence at the event is highly crucial. As an employee (specially if you have joined recently) it makes a lasting impression about your positive interest in the job and the eagerness to actively participate in the corporate events held by the organisation.


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    Sample of a Corporate Event Acceptance Letter

    January 12, 2012

    Michael Anderson

    Events Coordinator

    The Spanning Group

    Main Square, Green Boulevard,

    Illinois, Glen Ellyn, Chicago,

    Dear Anderson,

    I am really glad to receive the invite for the corporate event that is to be held this week. I will reach promptly and will look for to the learning and socializing experience.

    I am sure that it will serve the ice-breaking purpose among the new employees.

    Sincere Regards,


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    Template of a Corporate Event Acceptance Letter


    Name (receiver’s)


    Company’s Name

    Company’s Address

    Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

    It will be an honour for me to become a part of such an opportunity and gain from it. I am looking forward to getting introduced to all those who I will interact with in the future.

    I am eagerly looking forward for the day.


    Your Name

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