Cremation Services In London

Different religions and faiths have various practices, as some bury dead bodies and few use oxidation, vaporization or high temperature burning to reduce a dead body to just ashes of bones. This process of reducing a dead body is called cremation. And since London is a metropolitan city with people from diversified backgrounds settled there, the process of cremation has gained momentum. The cremation takes place on special sites that are made for this purpose and are usually called crematoriums. These crematoriums come under the administration of each borough of the capital of Great Britain. Therefore, people who want to use a crematorium for the service of their deceased relative or friend should get in touch with their local council to know the details.


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    Process of Cremation Service:

    In order to carry the cremation service of a deceased, relatives or friends should make contact with the local council of the place where the deceased person used to live. The council will provide them the following details:

    - Tell relatives and friends of the deceased about the crematoriums and their services in the borough.
    - Timings of the crematorium during which cremation services can take place.
    - Some councils also give options to dispose off or bury ashes.

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    Other Details:

    - Crematorium chapels do not usually belong to any specific religion and thus are non-denominational so they can be used to conduct any form of religious cremation service.

    - Immediate family, friends or relatives of the deceased also have the choice to appoint someone whom they trust to carry out the duties of the cremation service.

    - After concluding the cremation service, the ashes are kept in a container till the notice of disposal is received; and until then the immediate family members, relatives or friends cannot dispose the ashes off.

    - Several councils also give their residents memorial options, so do not forget to check these options out.

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    How to Contact a Local Council:

    Those who are not aware about the contact details of a local council and want to get in touch with the authority in order to carry out a cremation service, can find the contact details of different local authorities in London from here.

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