Cucumber Punch Drink Recipe

Cucumber punch is a cool and refreshing Mocktail which will punch your spirits up. Cucumbers are so cool and fresh that this punch will not only help you beat the heat but will also help you blow the fatigue off you on a hot summer day.

This cucumber punch mixes cucumber with lime juice or lemonade, pineapple juice, sugar, citrus soda and ginger ale. Pineapple juice can also be substituted with grape juice, but if you are making this punch for kids then it is recommended that use the former as kids like pineapple more. It is a great non-alcoholic beverage which tastes sweet, fizzy, cool, and totally refreshing.

Use the following steps to make your own delicious citrusy cucumber punch and blow the heat and fatigue off you.

Calories: 63
Fat: 0.1 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg


– Fresh cucumber

– Lemon juice

– Sugar

– Pineapple juice

– Ice cubes

To make two servings of Citrusy Cucumber Punch Drink, you will need:

– 1 big cucumber

– 2 tsp lemon juice

– 1 ½ cups sugar

– 2 cups fresh pineapple juice

– 5-6 ice cubes

– Few cucumber pieces chopped (for garnishing)

– 2-3 Lemon wedges (for garnishing)

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: nil
Serving size: 2 persons

Utensils needed: Blender, Knife, Zester or peeler, Juice squeezer, Large pitcher, Measuring cups, Measuring spoons, Serving glasses


  • 1

    Wash the cucumber and with the help of a zester or peeler score it lengthwise.

  • 2

    Chop the peeled cucumber into thin slices.

  • 3

    Put the chopped cucumber in a blender.

  • 4

    Pour two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 ½ cups sugar and two cups fresh pineapple juice in the blender.

  • 5

    Cover the blender and pulse to make a medium thick punch drink.

  • 6

    Pour the blended mixture into a pitcher. Stir with ice cubes and refrigerate.

  • 7

    Garnish delicious cucumber punch with thinly sliced lemon wedges and some slightly chopped slices of cucumber on the top.

  • 8

    Garnish your serving glass with a thin ring of lemon on its rim. It will be a tremendous way to present your cucumber punch.

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