Diet Plan for High Blood Pressure

Abnormal blood pressure has become one of the most common diseases in the world. One form of abnormal blood pressure is the high one where the blood passing through the arteries is placing greater than normal pressure on them. This eventually weakens up the heart. High blood pressure can be controlled using medicines and by changing your diet. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) USA formulated a comprehensive diet plan by the name of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) which aims at reducing high blood pressure by making changes to your food intake. Our step by step guide has a detailed diet plan for those wishing to control high blood pressure.


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    Dash diet plan:

    The DASH meal plan cuts on all forms of fat and cholesterol. It suggests people with high blood pressure to rely more on fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products that are low in fat content. Processed food is also discouraged with an emphasis on whole grains, nuts and beans. Red meat is discouraged and so are sugared beverages.

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    Sodium intake:

    Sodium has been known to have a direct relationship with high blood pressure. The more salt (sodium) you intake, the more risky it becomes. National Institute of Health suggests that average person's Sodium intake should not exceed more than a teaspoon which makes 2.4 g. The lower your sodium intake, the lower your blood pressure. When you are eating snacks, check the nutrition information about sodium content. Take care of salt quantity while cooking at home and inquire when ordering outside.

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    Potassium is a mineral that has been known to counter the effects of sodium. Incorporate it into your diet. A daily serving of 4700 mg is recommended. Foods that contain potassium are potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, oranges, raisins and tuna.

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    Alcohol actually reduces the effect of high blood pressure medicines that you take. Suggested alcohol quantities are 2 drinks for men younger than sixty, and one drink for women under sixty. Drink with breaks because drinking in a row can prove to be detrimental.

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