Difference Between AHCI and IDE

Integrated Drive Electronics or IDE and Advanced Host Controller Interface or AHCI are storage media interfaces for hard drives while many people remain confused judging by their functionality. Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) like hard drive is a media for saving data along with optical drives for more considerable length of data of any type. The other storage of Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is also a storage media but still both have their own dissimilarities. IDE is a good interface of media storage while the other clear difference comes with SATA which is another programming interface.


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    IDE is basically is old interface and the standard of any type of storage device which is also known as application programming interface. Integrated Drive Electronics or IDE is different interfaces of programming along with data storage. IDE works as standard interface between media storage devices. This is also very important that before you make any conclusions about two different data related programs, you first need to understand both systems overall work process and why people think that both are almost similar things when it comes to data storage programs and devices. Earlier when technology was still in its beginning phase, many manufacturers did not try to make any different devices for different kinds of data. With the passage of time it needed to be changed as many problems were occurring during saving different types of programming data. Thus, manufactures then changed their working methodology and started creating new Integrated Drive Electronics.

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    AHCI on the other hand, is better known as advanced featured like NCQ with plugging ability. AHCI has more advantage in programming related data. The other factor and difference comes with SATA. This particular data storage interface defines one mode of operation while the backward compatibility of the hardware remains the same giving no further problems in the main programming circuit. Basically SATA controllers give you the opportunities to choose whatever mode of data storage you want to use. AHCI also helps different types of users who acutely want more advanced type of features through AHCI data storage. The most effective feature of Native Command Queuing or NCQ as it works sequentially.

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