Difference Between Antivirus and Internet Security Software

The computer technology is on a boom and the demand for computers has been on the up in one form or another around the world. Unfortunately, there are people who want to create problems for others just for fun or in order to get their information and make use of it in a manner that will be useful for them.

Often we get viruses and other malware software from the internet as well as USB drives which are used on various computers. The best way to deal with them is to have anti-virus software or internet security software depending on the particular needs you or your organisation may have.

Anti-virus protects the computer from the viruses no matter which source they may be coming from. These can be from the internet as well as other sources but only takes care of the viruses.

On the other hand, internet security software has all the tools that are needed to deal with problems that come from the internet. It will, however, not protect the computer from problems that may be non-internet related.


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    The anti-virus software are made to attack viruses. The programs have been designed in a manner that they can differentiate between a normal file and a virus. It is an important tool in current day and age when viruses are a plenty.

    You will need to make sure that you get a good anti-virus which may cost a touch more but the investment is totally worth it. It is also a good thing that the updates are free of cost and is available online. This is an important thing to do since new viruses are always coming and updates will help your anti-virus fight them.

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    Internet Security Software

    In case you do most of your work online and there is little or no usage of media other than that which can bring in viruses, an internet security software may not be a bad idea. It can protect the computer from viruses as well as other malware that may attack the computer through the internet.

    It is equipped with anti-virus as well. The price they will cost you will probably be more since they have more features than a regular anti-virus. On the other hand, they do provide more protection than an average anti-virus.

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