Culinary Schools & Cooking Classes on Long Island, NY

The major culinary school on Long Island, NY is the Culinary Academy of Long Island. Affiliated with the Manhattan location, the Long Island Culinary Academy has been operating for 10 years, teaching and preparing students for lucrative careers in the food industry. Boasting expert instructors and amazing chefs, the Culinary Academy of Long Island has several programs available, each guaranteed to provide you with individual attention and complete training.

The Culinary Academy of Long Island promises to teach you how to become a chef, caterer, or restaurant manager. Offering diplomas in commercial and professional cooking, and hotel and restaurant management, The Culinary Academy of Long Island has classes placed conveniently throughout the day and evening, to easily fit within your schedule. After graduating, the Academy will help place you in a related internship. Visit their website at for more information and to contact an admissions counselor.

The New York Institute of Technology has a Culinary Arts Center located in Central Islip, NY. The NYIT Culinary Arts Career Center will prepare you for many careers in the food industry, with professional training, knowledgeable staff and instructors, and creative, artistic flair in food design and preparation.

At the NYIT Culinary Arts Career Center, you’ll be able to take courses in culinary and pastry arts, learning many useful skills for either home use or to further your career path. International cuisines are studied and learned as well, as well as the many flavors of the different regions in America. Visit the website at for more information and to apply to the NYIT Culinary Arts Career Center.

If you haven’t the desire to become a culinary professional but still want to benefit from some professionally taught cooking classes, then you might want to try the Look Who’s Cooking School in Oyster Bay, NY. A long list of specific classes is designed for everyone from novice to skilled, teaching basic cooking techniques,, along with more specific courses, such as Appetizers, French Cooking, Italian Cooking, Pasta & Sauces, and Romantic Dinners.

Classes are priced accordingly, allowing you to only pay for the courses you wish to attend. Your instructors at the Look Who’s Cooking School take pride in their craft and truly enjoy passing on their culinary wisdom to you. The school often holds cooking demonstrations, with attendees welcome to join the instructors for lunch, sampling the delicious fare. Be sure to visit for a class listing and other information.

For culinary classes with a distinctive flair and unique charm, the Alice Ross Cooking Class, located in Smithtown, Long Island, NY focuses on the exquisite culinary art of hearth cooking. Utilizing historic pots and pans and cooking utensils, the Alice Ross Cooking classes with teach you about historical culinary fare.

The extensive list of varied classes include basic hearth cooking techniques, hearth baking, smoking techniques for meat or fish, and early American recipes and cooking techniques,. Additional classes focus on such interesting topics as usage of herbs, preserves, and Long Island traditions. Visit for a complete listing of these very interesting classes.

Rich with history, flavor, and creativity, Alice Ross Cooking Classes perfectly capture the sensation of cooking in a historical past. Alice Ross has been a professional in the culinary field for 20 years, with a focus on historical food. Her classes are unique treat.

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