8 Practical Tips to Help Any High School Student Applying to Business School

As a university student studying International Business, I know a thing or two about how to apply successfully to a business school. Here are the inside tips and tricks you can utilize to easily get admitted into the business school of your choice.

Use your high school credentials

Excellent grades look great on a business school application. If you have less-than-stunning grades, however, remember that while your high school transcript is important, but it is not a deal-breaker (or a deal-maker).

Keep in mind that the admission staff is also interested in how you applied yourself in high school. Excellent grades in easy classes have less weight than, say, decent grades in tougher, advanced classes.

Write a fantastic essay

In high school, you have a vast amount of free resources at your fingertips. Many English teachers and counselors are more than happy to look over your entrance essay for you. They know what has worked in the past and can guide you on the angle in which you should take to make your words stand out.

Follow the directions on the application!

You would be amazed at how many applications get thrown out every term simply because the applicant did not follow the directions! If you are confused, call the admissions department at the business college where you are applying and ask them for an explanation.

Don’t play the “poor me” card

Inspiring stories about self-made students who arose from poverty to achieve a college education make for good made-for-television movies, but not much else. Never complain about how horrible your childhood was.

The admission staff is looking for someone who deserves to be at the college, but they are also looking for someone who will be well-adjusted and positive.

Embrace your diversity

Most colleges, business colleges especially, are making an effort to become more diversified. The word “diversity” has become a money word and is everywhere.

Everyone comes from a distinct culture. Flaunt your background in a way that makes you seem different from the status quo. Use the word diversity in your essay.

Get involved in some extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are very important. They are character-builders. They will help you diversify yourself. Never forget that you have to stand out against your “competitors”. Get involved in team sports or volunteer at a local elementary school or soup kitchen.

Find excellent reference letters

Ask your favorite teachers for reference letters early in the year, before the dreaded senioritis hits (where you are sick of school and utterly burnt out).

Here’s a hint: you don’t have to send every letter written, so why not get a letter of recommendation from all of your teachers? Then you can pick and choose the letters that sound most flattering.

You may feel like you’re wasting some of your teachers’ time, but if you ask early enough in the year it shouldn’t be a bother. Many teachers are flattered that you are asking for their opinion.

Don’t forget professional letters of recommendation. Ask your boss to write a letter about your employee ethic. Showing that you are a hard worker with a strong work ethic is always a positive, especially in business.

Polish your interviewing skills

Many schools (but not all) require an interview before admitting a student. It may be helpful, and certainly can’t hurt, to polish your interviewing schools and nail any kind of one-on-one meeting you may encounter.

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