Difference Between Router and Bridge

Many people use wireless devices to create local home networks. But not everyone knows that you can simultaneously connect the DSL-modem and a Wi-Fi router to create a combined network.

Router is a necessary component of any network, even setting up a small home network. Fortunately, configure the router is easy after having specialized knowledge and skills.

When configuring set of LANs, we often use a method of combining two network adapters i.e. called bridge. Normally, this technology is used in cases where a computer or other device acts as a bridge between the two networks.


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    To install a router correctly, you need to determine the extent of the load on the existing computers. For example, if you plan to use the laptop for browsing, and a computer - to download movies or programs, you need to set the speed priority. But at the same time, the router itself will make adjustments and distribute speed so that the laptop provides a favourable interval.

    Once the router is connected to a computer, you need to go to the properties of "My Computer" and the contribution of the "Computer Name" to change (add) the name of the working group. In other words, both computers must be in the same workgroup, and the IP-addresses of the computers must be in the same subnet. A router assigns IP-address and subnet mask by default, as well as the default gateway address and DNS-servers. Also, you may need to go to the "Control Panel" on the tab "Network Connections" to activate the "Local Area Connection" and then select "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and go to "Properties."Choose the section "Advanced" and go to a new tab «WINS». We can only put a check mark in the circle next to "Enable NetBIOS over TCP / IP» and the router is then configured to run.

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    Bridge is to used to connect a minimum of two devices that work within a network through Wi-Fi. Open the Network and Sharing Center. Open the menu "Manage wireless adapter." Create a new connection "computer-to-computer." Select the type of encryption, change your password and enter a name for the access point. Now connect to another network card or the computer on which you want to configure the network bridge, the second PC or network hub.

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