How To Increase Your German Vocabulary Rapidly

German is one among the famous international languages and about more than 89 million all across the globe use it as a first language. It sounds good and easy to learn as well. Now if you are preparing a German test or studying it in an education institution, you would really have to increase you vocabulary in order to pass the test or earn good grades. There are several simple and unique methods available to increase your German vocabulary rapidly. All you have to do is, focus, concentrate and stick to the required methods.


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    Read German Books and Articles

    Read as many German articles and books as you can. The more you read the more German vocabulary you will have. Even if you come across new words that you don’t understand, just go through it. Later on underline those specific words and try to find their meanings.

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    Buy German-to-English Dictionary

    Buy a German-to-English dictionary to increase your vocabulary. Make a time table according to the available time and divide the number of words into the number of days available. Stick to the time table and learn new words every day. Make sure to revise the previous words as well. Also find out the meanings of the new words that you have underlined in the German books and articles.

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    Google Translator

    Google translator is a unique feature, offering a translation facility into numerous languages. Enter your desired word or sentence and give instruction to translate it into German.

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    Listen to German

    Listen to German as much as possible for you. Take advantage of your mobile phone with large data capacity and listen to new German broadcasts and radio programs. Log into YouTube and watch hundreds of German videos and tutorials to improve your vocabulary.

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    Online Language Programs

    Various online language exchange programs have been introduced, which are useful and improve your vocabulary within short period of time. My Language Exchange is a best example of such language exchange program. You can meet German speaker interested in learning English. By talking to him, helping him and exchanging your views, you can make best use of your German vocabulary and can increase it quickly.

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    German Vocabulary Games

    You can play German Vocabulary games online and enjoy a drastic improve in your German Vocabulary. Digital Dialect's German vocabulary game and purpose games are the best examples and superb choice for speedy increase in your German Vocabulary.

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    Try useful software

    World Language's Talk Now German Vocabulary Builder is uniquely designed software to quickly improve your basic German speaking, writing and vocabulary. It includes numerous interactive memory games and quizzes to your progress in German Language. You can run this software both in Mac and window operating system.

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    Writing Practice Works

    Writing practice of the recently earned English words and sentences is useful in improving German Vocabulary. Ask someone in your family to take your dictation at least once in a week.

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    Speaking Practice

    Ask you friends who are interested in learning German to join you and conduct various practice session. Speak German during daily conversation, telephone calls and texting. If you are a studying German, then do not miss any opportunity to give presentation in front of the class.

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