Difference Between a CEO and a President

Every organisation has a different chain of command and a chief executive officer or a president holds the top position to run all the affairs. Usually, people think that both positions are same but there is a slight difference in their authorities and responsibilities.

A chief executive officer or CEO makes important strategies and plan of action whereas the President or COO looks after the daily functioning. If CEO is a brain then President is the body to ensure the execution of all plans of action. Though, the President of a company supervises all the heads of department but he/she reports to CEO in board of directors meeting.


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    Basically, a chief executive officer is the captain of the ship, who is responsible for making prompt decision to keep the company on right track. CEO serves as a leader, manager, director, planner and executor. As he sits on top of the heap so a CEO must be able to foresee things and develop valid plans to ensure that company achieves its short and long term goals without any trouble.

    A chief executive officer should be competent enough to challenge his subordinates. He must look at the cost-cutting measures to ensure that the company is profitable. He makes sure that the resources are being used wisely. Moreover, he also initiates different projects, charts out the strategy, motivates the subordinates for desired results and then evaluates their performances as a chairman board of governors.

    However, he is not involved in the day to day operations rather he restricts himself just to high-level affairs.

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    The president of a company is also called chief operating officer (COO) and the title says it all. It clearly shows that a president is responsible for the supervision of supervisors. He ensures that everyone is putting the best to take the company to new heights of success. His role is more of a manager who ensures that the performance of the employees exceeds the ambition of the owner.

    Basically, a president is the highest ranked person who looks at day to day operations so all the department heads are accountable to him. Moreover, a chief operating officer acts as liaison between the administration and the CEO. Though, he is not the actual brain but still no one can talk down the role of a president in company’s growth.

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