Difference Between Volume and Surface Area

Volume and surface area are two different things in the terms of math. Math is a subject which usually deals with the figures and their geometry. There are several other branches of math which are dedicated to studies on several fronts and one of these is the geometry. In the math of geometry, the figures are observed and different calculations are made on them so that various things can be calculated about the figures. There are a host of different figures in the science of math and all of these are analysed to evaluate the properties of these various figures. The number of figures cannot be calculated as so many figures can be made by even one person. The most common figures in math are squares, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and many others. All of the following figures which have been named above have different properties than the other and to distinguish them from each other, different parameters of the figures are calculated. Formulas in math have been devised by the scientists and the mathematicians so that they can let the people evaluate these properties of the figure and the most common of these parameters that have been made by the experts are volume and the surface area of the figure. Many people believe that the volume and the area of figures is one and the same thing but in-fact this is not the case at all. Volume and surface area of a figure are two entirely different things and there are separate procedures to evaluate these two aspects of the geometry. Volume of the figure may be described as the thing or the property of math in which the total capacity of figure of the geometry is calculated. This is a measure of how much a thing or a figure and accommodate inside it and the most common term that is used for this is the capacity of the figure. The surface area as compared to the volume of the figure is a totally different thing and it accounts for a different method to be followed.


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    The volume of a figure is the estimate of the total capacity of a figure of math. The units for this are meter cubes.

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    Surface Area

    Surface area of a figure of math is the total area that the figure acquires on a space and this can be two dimensional and three dimensional both. The units for this are meter squares and formulas have been made to calculate this easily.

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