Difference between Lenovo Ideatab A1000 and A3000

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and there is currently a huge market for manufacturers to introduce a variety of products. Almost every company has come up with its own version of a tablet and Lenovo is one of them. The Chinese electronics giant has also come up with the Lenovo Ideatabs recently to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung in the Tablet market.

The company has announced Ideatabs A1000 and A3000 and is set to release them in June later this year. Although most of the features of the two tablets are similar, there are some differences in terms of specifications and appearance.

One of the major differences is between the processors of the two tablets. While the Ideatab A3000 has a Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor, the A1000 has a Dual-Core 1.2 GHz processor.

Screen size and width is another difference between the two. The A1000 is 5mm longer and 1mm wider than the A3000. Also, the former is about 0.3mm lesser in height than the latter. The weight of the two tablets is almost the same with the A3000 only a gram lighter than the A1000.

The A3000 also has the option of using a 3G Network. Another major difference between the two tablets is the amount of internal memory they come with. While the A3000 comes with an internal memory of 16-32 GB, the A1000 comes with an internal memory of 4-16 GB.


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    Lenovo Ideatab A1000

    The Lenovo Ideatab A1000 is a tablet which is set to be launched in June this year. It comes in Black and White colours, and has the Android OS Jelly Bean installed on it. The tablet will have a Dual-Core 1.2 GHz processor and an internal memory of 4-16 GB. The tablet will also boast a 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus.

    Image Courtesy: phonebunch.com

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    Lenovo Ideatab A3000

    The Lenovo Ideatab A3000 will also be launched later this year after being announced by the Chinese electronics manufacturer in January. The device comes in Black and White colours and has the Android OS Jelly Bean operating system installed on it. It will be launched with a Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor with and internal memory of 16-32 GB. The tablet comes with a 5 mega pixel camera and also has auto focus option.

    Image Courtesy: phonebunch.com

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