Difference between Monogastric and Ruminant

Mammals have the finest and efficient digestive systems that enable them to eat different types of food and digest it easily. According to the difference of digestive system, there are two major types of mammals including monogastric and ruminant. There are a considerable number of people who think monogastric and ruminant mammals as the same but they are wrong as these two types of mammals are completely different.

There are many differences between monogastric and ruminant mammals. The stomach of monogastric mammals holds single chamber whereas ruminant mammals have stomach that is comprised on four chambers. Monogastrics usually eat almost all types of food while ruminants do not eat all types of food as they are herbivores. Ruminants have a more efficient digestive system as compared to the digestive system of monogastrics. Monogastrics do not ingest food during digestion while ruminants do. Monogastric species are much more in numbers as compared to the ruminant species. Keep reading this post to get more information about the monogastric and ruminant mammals.


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    Monogastric mammals have single-chambered stomach that helps them in digesting different types of food items. Monogastrics include both carnivorous organisms like dogs and cats, and omnivorous organisms like pigs and rats. However, there are also a few monogastric species that are herbivorous like horses and rabbits. But the most important aspect in these herbivorous species is that they digest cellulose through microbial fermentation. Usually, monogastrics’ digestive system stays in rest and start working during digestion only. The monogastrics are capable and adept in eating and digesting different types of foods.

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    Ruminants have a very interesting and efficient digestive system because they have four-chambered stomach which is also called Rumen, and because of this name, these animals are called ruminants. All species of ruminant are herbivores and their Rumen’s are designed in a way to digest herbivorous food. The most prominent species of ruminants are sheep, camel, koala, deer, goat, giraffe and antelopes. The four chambers of ruminant’s stomach are called Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum and the last one is Abomasum. Usually ruminants are adept in extracting all nutrients from the food that they eat and digest the food in an incredibly efficient way due to their superb digestive system.

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