Difference Between Tourist and Traveler

A tour denotes a trip, possibly involving several destinations, taken for recreation or education, while the word travel is used to describe the act act of moving from one place to the other. A traveler does not generally go to places for sightseeing, but tourists are known to visit popular and important locations to enjoy the sights and sounds and to learn about the heritage and customs of that particular region.

Tourists visit places without any intentions of moving permanently, and return back to their countries or homes after spending some time away. On the other hand, a traveler is more concerned about the journey than the destination, and may stay in several places temporarily.

A tourist properly plans the journey, with a clear idea of the destinations he/she will be visiting, and the places he/she will be staying at. On the other hand, a traveller never has a clear idea about the destination and stays on the move.


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    Tourists make proper reservations for a particular number of days which they will be spending in the intended country or location. They need to do this in order to have a clear plan regarding the finances they will be requiring to enjoy their stay. They also usually carry maps for iconic locations, theme parks and other tourist attractions which they plan on visiting. Tourists also visit cultural festivals to learn more about the places they are visiting.

    Some countries rely heavily on their tourism industry, which forms the backbone of their economy. These countries promote their resorts to attract tourists from all over the world. Europe has the largest number of tourist attractions, visited by people from around the world.

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    A traveller is always on the move and is more concerned with the journey from one place to another rather than a specific destination. Most travelers are businessmen, but there are some who travel around the world to explore new places.

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