Difference Between Curation and Journalism

Organising, maintaining and collecting artefacts and artwork is called curation. Journalism involves witnessing, writing, reporting and then broadcasting this information with photographic or video footage in a professional manner.

These are two very different things and have no similarities with each other. These are diverse professions and require different education as well. Curation’s main purpose is to preserve heritage, while the objective of journalism is to some extent seek the truth and then disclose it to the masses. Curation can also consist of maintaining various sites that offer a glimpse in to the cultures from the past. Archiving and various forms of record keeping are also a part of curation. Journalism is basically researching, recording and spreading out information or news across a variety of different digital techniques.


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    Curation involves collecting, managing and administering museums, various institutions and art galleries.

    Today, curation has branched into many types, such as “content curation” and “digital curation” which are not related to art or artefacts. These two deal with managing and administering valuable information or content available on the internet and then passing it on to the network.

    The task of curators and gatekeepers in the field of media is quite similar as they filter the content from different sources for it to be presented to the world. In today’s world the word curator is considered a bit more prestigious than gatekeeper.

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    Journalism is related to the practice or an act of investigating an event, a trend or an issue right down to the core before reporting it to the masses. A journalist has to be certain that the event he/she is about to report is authentic and accurate. A journalist should never file his/her report until and unless they are certain of the findings. Retracting news could actually end a journalist’s career and credibility in some cases.

    In today’s rapidly growing world of media, journalism has branched into different types which include business, sports, photojournalism, government journalism, war journalism and entertainment journalism etc. No matter what the type, the main objective is to cover news worthy material and then report it to the audience to increase awareness in the society. Journalism is not restricted to only collecting and organising content or information, as presenting through any mode of communication to a vast audience is also a primary purpose. Journalism is an established business in most countries where spreading timely news is the key to success.

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