Difference Between API and Web Service

API and Web Service are two means of communications but many believe that these two terms are same. Not only the same but also many believe that these two different means of communication serves the same purpose and has no difference in it. However study shows and the advancement of modern as well as technological knowledge give us inner details of any subject. Those who believe that API and Web Service are the same must know that both terms relatively serve the same purpose but in reality they are quite different from one another. API is an interface between two mechanisms and application whereas Web Service only serves and facilitates two mechanisms with a network.


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    API is a mean of communication which also provides assistance to two interfaces and two different applications within a network. It helps as you can communicate with each other with best means of communication along with a third party vendor who could also write programs. This is also important to know that you also need to understand as to which programs make interfaces easily with other programs, need some time with API for a way of communication. API was also created to have a better interaction with different applications. Many computer geeks who know computers and its languages as well, will consider that API works more efficiently on Linux systems.

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    On the other hand, a Web Service has a broad role in communication. A Web Service’s protocol means that you have better security regarding using this way of communication. A Web Service’s protocol language includes description Language WSDL, HTTP, SOAP, REST and XML-RPC. In Web Service, you need more desktop applications than in any other application. When you need to send any data over a network, you take help from Web Service. As it is more secure, many developers also take help from Web Service when they need to send data over a network. Secure data protection is very important. You need to make sure that everything you do should use the proper means of communication. The Web Service is basically wrapped in HTTP. Some experts believe that Web Service do not carry all the specifications of information which are important to send data but still it is very secure to use.

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