Difference Between Army and Marines Basic Training

The Marine Corps is a component of the Navy, and has the responsibility of projecting power from land, sea and air. The US marines are the first to invade and capture key enemy positions in a conflict. On the other hand, the Army is a land-based military branch of a country or a state. One of the basic differences between the training in these two services is the time duration, their physical standards, and in addition to basic training every marine has to get an infantry training while army soldiers are not given this extra training.

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    The army training lasts for nine weeks where the recruits go through some tough routines both physically and mentally. An army male recruit has to do 47 sit-ups in two minutes, 35 push-ups in two minutes, and a two-mile run needs to be completed in 16 minutes, 36 seconds. Anyone who fails to accomplish this can be released from the training program. The army demands physically fit personnel for which it is imperative that the cadets are tested in ways that would push them to their physical and mental limits.

    After the induction process, the recruits are sent to the Reception Battalion, where they undergo physical fitness assessments. The trainees who are unable to exit the reception battalion are then sent to a fitness training camp. The rest have to face three phases of training, with every phase having a duration of three weeks. The first phase is learning discipline, hand-to-hand combat, first aid, navigation and army values. This is then followed by the second phase which includes weapons training, and tougher physical training. The third and the last phase involves field exercises, exams and preparation for graduation.

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    After the basic processing and induction, the recruits go through different phases of training at the Marine boot camp. Phase-one lasts for four weeks and is basically directed at breaking the civilian habits of a recruit, turning them into soldiers, disciplining them and toughening them up with rough physical training. By the end of this phase, a recruit is able to march properly, respond to commands and is in good physical condition. In the next phase, the recruits are given field training which includes the basic use of ammunition, This phase lasts for four weeks as well. Finally, the last phase is all about polishing the recruits and getting them through more hard training exercises.

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