Difference Between Catholic and Christian

Christian beliefs have been splintered into many groups and denominations and this trend has started centuries ago. Every sect in Christianity has its own beliefs and ideas regarding Bible but the true essence of the religion is pretty much the same in all denominations. Catholicism is one major denominator of Christianity and like many other sects, Catholics also believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and lived. Although Catholics come under the flag of Christianity, their many beliefs separate them from Christian religions. Putting it short, every Catholic is a Christian but not every Christian belongs to the Catholic school of thought.


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    Views about Mary

    According to Catholic school of thought, Mary was without any sins, a divine and holy woman. Since she was the mother of Jesus Christ, it is believed by Catholics that Mary was resurrected and taken to heaven, just as Jesus himself was. There are even some sects of Christianity which view Mary as an ordinary woman, who committed sins and mistakes during her life. Mary’s holiness and purity as a divine woman is one of the key differences between Christian denominations.

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    The Catholicism is based on seven sacraments, namely:

    - Baptism
    - Eucharist
    - Confirmation
    - Matrimony
    - Holy Orders
    - Reconciliation
    - Anointing the Sick

    Every Christian denomination has its own sacraments, with baptism and communion being the most common, but the seven mentioned sacraments of Catholicism might not be followed by other sects to their full extend. Christian groups have variation of believes in the sacraments but Catholics follow all the seven.

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    Evolution Beliefs

    The beliefs of evolution vary among the Christian groups but the Catholicism accepts it duly. The church believes that God makes human souls, whilst the Protestant denomination completely rejects the beliefs of evolution.

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    Religious Leaders

    The Catholic church resides the ultimate authority of all spirituality with the Pope. The Pope is considered to be the spiritual leader of all the Catholics and he is believed to be a spiritual descendant of St. Peter. Many other Christian groups allow individual interpretation of the Bible and do not believe any ultimate authority of the Pope over spirituality. Such Christian denominations don’t reside the entire authority in hands of one person but still have leaders, such as reverends and pastors, to provide guidance to the general public.

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