Difference Between Communism and Anarchy

Communism is an ideology according to which each and every citizen of the state is equal. In this political and economic system, resources are distributed to the citizens as per their needs, with the state owning each and everything. Society and its interests remain the top priority in this form of government, which is based on a centralised organisation to run the affairs of the state.  On the other side of the coin, anarchy is a state of disorder or lawlessness.

If there is an inefficient government in a country and the law and order situation is extremely bad with people having no security of life and property, we can say that it is anarchy.


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    The words, communism and communication, have the same origin as they have been extracted from a Latin word ‘communis’, which means ‘shared’ or ‘belonging to all’.

    The main purpose of communism is to free the society from the evils of scarcity and oppression. Not believing in any kind of division within the society on the name of religion, caste or creed, communism promotes the idea of a free society. The government owns everything in this form of government but ensures the prosperity and well-being of its citizens in return. The market is not free in this social order and all the economic activities are controlled.

    Some examples of communism in the modern world are the People’s Republic of China, Soviet Union, Cuba, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, North Korea and Laos.

    Between the two world powers of the previous century, United States of America and Soviet Union, we witnessed a long ‘cold war’, with the latter being an ambassador of communism.

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    The absence of an organized government in a country can be called as a state of anarchy. In case of natural calamities and disorders, third world countries often go through such circumstances when an incompetent government is not able to deliver the goods. Anarchy is a Greek word which means ‘no ruler’.

    An anarchist is considered to be someone, who makes a deliberate effort to destabilise an existing government. Apart from a poor law and order situation, anarchy can have an adverse effect on the economy of a country. Most of the times, anarchy is witnessed in only those countries which are financially unstable.

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