Difference between Drop Box and Google Drive

Drop Box has been developed by Dropbox Inc. which was established back in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi who were MIT students. On the other hand, Google Drive has been developed by Google and provides online storage services.

Drop Box provides a very good integration with Mac and Windows. The business model of Drop Box has been questioned a lot due to its bad security record. But, it has still been one of the most used online storage service. In addition, is only provides the data storage capacity of up to 2 GB which is quite less as compared to Google Drive. In order to avail storage capacity of more than 2 GB, you will have to pay a particular amount of money. Therefore, many people just leave Drop Box after their free storage is filled.

Contrarily, Google Drive is much more sophisticated and user-friendly. It allows you to make folder in Mac and Windows to save your data files online. It works as an extension of Google Apps and allows you to open, edit and save documents, spreadsheets and other files online. Furthermore, it provides a lot of online space to keep your data files. However, you will have to see personalised ads on your Google Drive page which is often offending for some individuals.


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    Drop Box

    Drop box is one of the most extensively used file hosting service administered and operated by Dropbox Inc., which offers client software, file synchronisation and cloud storage. It provides the user an opportunity to create an online folder on their systems which can be synchronised with their folder in the computer. All the files in that respective folder will be transferred to the online folder and the files will be updated well on command. Furthermore, it provides client software support to the web browsers, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android, BlackBerry OS and iOS. In addition, it also provides unofficial ports to MeeGo, Windows Phone and Symbian.

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    Google Drive

    It is a file storage and a synchronisation service which is provided by Google. It was released on April 24, 2012. Moreover, it allows its users to use the services of file sharing, cloud storage and collaborative editing. Besides, it has become the home for keeping documents on Google. You can also make spreadsheets, presentations, documents and many more things online. You can search the files in the Google Drive through Open Drive engine.

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