Difference between FMA and Brotherhood

Known as Manga in Japan, Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) is an extremely famous comic. It was originally written by Hiromu Arakawa, and within a few weeks became really popular. Once it got good response from the audience, it turned into an animated series, with more than 50 episodes aired by the same name. The producer further made it into a movie.

The comic was so popular that it independently turned into another series. The second series was named as FMA Brotherhood. Both TV shows are good and have plenty of fans, therefore it is almost impossible to term one better than the other. Although the two series have the same theme, there are multiple differences between them.

FMA was the first of the two series, aired on TV back in 2003-2004. Brotherhood, on the other hand, hit the TV screen nearly six years later. The second version of the comic was an independent series. Another difference is the number of episodes. FMA had 51 episodes, while Brotherhood was aired on 64 occasions.

Both series were directed by different persons. Yasuhiro Irie shouldered the responsibilities of direction for Brotherhood, while the other series was directed by Seizi Misushima. As far as the production technicalities are concerned, experts believe that Brotherhood was way better.

FMA is considered to be more appealing emotionally, but it was not technically as strong as Brotherhood. Not only the events were different, but there was also a difference between the comedy content in the two series.

Brotherhood’s comic scenes bring relief for the audience, whereas its previous version was really poignant in nature. Edward’s performance in Brotherhood was more hilarious.

As far as the ending is concerned, FMA’s ending was totally unexpected, whereas Brotherhood’s end was not that shocking.


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    An animated series aired on TV in 2003 and 2004, FMA stands for Full Metal Alchemist. The series was produced by Bones studio. Its story was based on two brothers, Alphonse and Edward, who lost their bodies while trying to make their mother alive using the science of alchemy.

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    The second version of FMA, Brotherhood was a huge hit in Japan. Although the story remained the same, the number of its episodes was bigger. The TV series came to an end in 2010.

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