Difference Between Food Processor and Blender

Kitchen is incomplete without both blender and food processor. Those who cook food surely know the important of these two appliances. They help you save plenty of time during the cooking. Although many people think that the job of both food processor and blender is very much similar, both items have entirely different features and usages.

There is a little difference between the prices of these two kitchen items. A food processor is a slightly more expensive item than the blender. Both machines can blend food products, but only a blender can treat liquids. This feature makes the blender extremely useful when it comes to make smoothies, cocktails and juices.

As far as chopping is concerned, a food processor holds the edge. Some blenders do have a chop function, but a food processor does this job in a more efficient way. A blender may ruin the entire consistency of the items.

Unlike chopping, a blender can easily do grinding. If you are interested in grinding down ice, whole spices and seeds, a blender is the answer, because the food processors are not made for grinding hard substances.

Most of the food processors have the function to puree the vegetables and fruits, but they cannot liquefy them. On the other side, a blender does this very nicely.

Grating, however, can only be done on food processors. If you interested in grating different items such as carrots, cheese and cucumbers, a food processor is essential. The blenders, on the contrary, are unable to grate food items.


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    Food Processor

    It is one of the important kitchen appliances. Gone are the days when the people used to process vegetables and fruits manually. The term ‘food processor’ these days refers to an electric machine that has multiples uses.

    Among the crucial functions of a food processor are: Slicing/chopping vegetables, grinding items such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits, shredding or grating cheese or vegetables, pureeing, mixing and kneading doughs. The modern food processors are very expensive.

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    A blender is not as complicated as a food processor. It is a simple kitchen appliance that is used to mix or blend things. Consists of a base and a jug, this machine is mostly used to make juices, shakes and cocktails.

    The blender jar has a very sharp blade that turns even the solid fruits into liquids. Majority of the blenders are made of glass, plastic or stainless steel.

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